Explanation of the deleted scene of the return of the engineer from Hellraiser 2

The Engineer was quite an intimidating foe, albeit briefly seen, in the first Hellraiser, but a deleted scene almost brought him back in Hellraiser 2.

The Engineer was a rather intimidating foe, albeit briefly seen, at first Hellraiser, but a deleted scene almost makes him come back in Hellraiser 2. Legendary horror author and occasional director Clive Barker has given pop culture many grotesque creations to admire and fear. Barker has the gift of being able to bring to life things that are surprisingly hideous and gross, but also often surprisingly beautiful, at least for those inclined to macabre imagery. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in the early Hellraiser films and, of course, in the novel that spawned them.

Barker wrote and directed Hellraiser, after being unhappy with the first two horror movies based on his work. He would also supervise Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 as executive producer, and also credited with the story ideas that writer Peter Atkins embodied in the sequel script. Although not as good as the original, Hellbound it’s a very worthwhile follow-up, and actually feels like a continuation of the story that started in Barker’s movie.

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That said, not all the elements of the first Hellraiser was revised in the sequel, and that included the monstrous Engineer, a beast from hell that nearly prevented Kirsty’s return from her first aborted journey to the realm of pain and pleasure. The engineer was supposed to reappear in Hellraiser 2, but his scene ended up erased.

Explanation of the deleted scene of the return of the engineer from Hellraiser 2

Hellbound Hellraiser 2 - Tiffany and Julia

At one point during Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, Kirsty and her new friend Tiffany are trying to escape from hell, but first they meet Kirsty’s resurrected evil stepmother Julia. The confrontation ends with Julia being stripped of her skin, and Kirsty and Tiffany escape, only to find that Hell has decided to follow them in the form of Dr. Channard Cenobite. However, between Julia’s confrontation and their escape, Kirsty and Tiffany were to be chased by The Engineer through the blue-lit corridors of Hell, in the same way that he chased Kirsty in the first movie. At one point, the creature even grabbed onto Tiffany’s wrist, but Kirsty was able to help her free herself.

Unfortunately the engineer was removed Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 The comeback scene has yet to fully appear, though it may one day do so, as Pinhead’s famous deleted scene in surgical scrubs has finally appeared after decades of fan interest. However, there is some evidence that the scene was filmed, as glimpses are found in older previews for the film, and an online still from The Engineer can be found near Julia’s discarded skin. It is unknown why the return of The Engineer was removed, but considering that there were issues with the effects that propelled him in the first film, one can clearly see that he is being pushed down the hall at one point, perhaps similar problems occurred.

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