Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter, also known as Agent 13, returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the trailer, it’s clear that he’s kicking butt and taking names, just like his comic book counterpart has for decades.

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Sharon Carter has made a few appearances in the movies, but she has a much longer and more complicated history in the Marvel comics. Her story has changed a lot over the years, but she has remained the friend and sometimes more of Captain America throughout.

10 Originally Peggy Carter’s sister

Sharon Carter first appeared in the comics in Tales of suspense # 75 in March 1966. She was introduced as the sister of Margaret “Peggy” Carter, Steve Rogers’ love interest during World War II. In the MCU, she is Peggy’s great niece. This was also changed pretty quickly in the comics.

She was destined to be Peggy’s niece as she became a bigger presence in them. Sharon has been relatively present in Steve Rogers’ life since the 1960s, as a friend and sometimes more.

9 Agent 13

Sharon Carter aka Captain America's SHIELD Agent 14 Vol 4

Inspired by her aunt, Sharon Carter joined SHIELD and became one of its best agents. Due to some odd quirks between the MCU movies and shows early on, Agent 13 is a character Agents Of SHIELD never used, which is a shame, as she would have fit the bill perfectly.

After all, Sharon is a highly trained marksman, martial artist, and spy. She demonstrates her skills in a short, devastating clip on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer, where she is seen taking down multiple enemy combatants at the same time.

8 In love with Captain America

Captain America dating Sharon and Peggy Carter

Captain America’s romance with Peggy Carter was one of the most heartbreaking stories in the movies. However, at least they got their happy ending in Endgame, unlike Sharon, who didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

Just like in the MCU, Sharon and Steve Rogers fell in love in the comics. This was much more tense than the uncertain romance in the MCU. Sharon wanted to fight alongside him as a SHIELD agent, but he insisted that she give up her role if they were to be together. It led to a lot of friction and the two were on and off for years.

7 Death

At one point in the comics, Sharon Carter’s character seemed to run its course. In Captain America # 233 In 1979, Sharon meets a horrible end, or at least it seems, when she detonates a bomb planted by the National Force. She was out of comics for years after this.

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He returned in issue # 444, and his death was shown to be fake so he could go on a secret mission for SHIELD. This retcon was established by writer Mark Waid in 1995, during an impressive career that was interrupted by the unfortunate. Heroes reborn event.

6 Fighting the American agent

One of the main villains of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier he’s set up to be a US agent.This darker version of Captain America is someone Sharon Carter faced off in the comics and is likely to have the streaming series in mind.

Shortly after his return to the comics, Sharon helped Captain America defeat Agent of the United States, who at the time had been driven insane by an entity called Nightmare. Nightmare was infecting “the American dream” and forcing people to commit violent acts.

5 SHIELD Director

Sharon Carter Captain America

Sharon Carter eventually rose through the ranks and became the director of SHIELD, replacing Nick Fury. However, her term is quite short and she returns to the field, handing over control of the organization to Maria Hill.

She has been in the trenches ever since. Given Sharon’s role in the MCU, it’s easy to see how she could potentially end up in command of SHIELD, depending on how things turn out in Phase 4. She could also appear in the next. Secret invasion series with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

4 Battle suit

Sharon Carter has no superpowers of her own. However, recently in the comics, he got a huge upgrade. In 2020 Captain America # 24, from writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Daniel Acuña, Sharon receives a specially modified ‘battle suit’.

This is useful against some of the serious threats that you have faced lately. The suit rivals some Iron Man armor, with antigravity action, a personal force field, and repulsor beams.

3 Civil war

Captain America Iron Man Civil War Marvel Comics

Sharon Carter played a relatively small role in the MCU version of Civil war, especially helping Steve Rogers find Bucky Barnes. However, in the history of the comic book event that inspired the film, she plays a larger role. Initially he supports the Superhero Registration Act with Iron Man, but later switches sides.

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Sharon is reluctant to help capture Captain America, and when Goliath is killed in a bloody battle between opposing forces, she agrees with Steve Rogers and his allies.

two Kill Captain America

Captain America Death Civil War Comic

Your actions are not entirely yours in Civil war, though. One of the most tragic twists in history occurs when Captain America is assassinated at the end of the story. It is later revealed that Sharon participated in his murder.

At the time, Doctor Faustus had brainwashed Sharon and was under his control. He later recovers and plays an important role in bringing Rogers back to life.

1 Ultimate Comics Verison

The Multiverse is about to become big business in the MCU franchise. He’s been in Marvel Comics for quite some time. A major alternate reality, that of Earth-1610 or the Ultimate Comics universe, also featured a Sharon Carter.

This version was a younger version of the character who had frequent run-ins with Spider-Man. He often appeared in the comics as part of a duo that included agent Jimmy Woo, who of course is an important character investigating the mystery of WandaVision.

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