Michael Chu, a former lead writer for Overwatch, is apparently working on another character-driven multiplayer action game at 31st Union Studios.

Former Principal Writer of Supervision Michael Chu’s first major role at the newly formed 31st Union Studios, a division of 2K Games, is likely as a writer for an upcoming multiplayer title, based on a host of job openings the fledgling studio recently published. A Twitter detective has compiled a list of the aforementioned listings, and it’s an easy conclusion to draw that Chu will top what 31st refers to as a “multiplayer character action game”, something that echoes Chu’s original creation.

Chu planted his roots as one of the key figures at Blizzard and launched a highly productive 20-year tenure that included Supervision, which he oversaw as lead writer, and its supplemental media, including comics, short videos, and events. His main focus, given his body of work, was to expand on the game’s characters as individuals, and he spearheaded a series of decisions and revelations about those characters, particularly their sexualities. Chu has often vocally reaffirmed his desire to create diverse and inclusive characters, which was reflected in Supervision’s wide spectrum of characters and their unique personal stories, although it has been argued that there are many cases where Supervision fell short of that particular vision.

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However, after twenty years, Chu left Blizzard to start other ventures, driven, according to himself, to continue his goal of fostering greater inclusion and diversity in the gaming industry and creating more characters to reflect what he has done. learned (and the mistakes you’ve made). admitted to do) on the way. He was hired at the 31st Union as Narrative Director to bring what he had learned from his experiences and mistakes at Blizzard to the fledgling studio, though exactly how he was going to do that remained a mystery in the year since his hire. But the mystery may be unraveling, like a Twitter user MauroNL discovered and posted the sudden influx of 31st Union vacancies, which was later reported in IGN, all related to an upcoming project that promises to be driven by a story, with diverse characters, implementing online multiplayer action.

So, from what can be gleaned from the limited information presented so far, the project in question appears to be a potential competitor to Supervision, or, considering the timeline, it is more likely Overwatch 2, but that’s not much more than speculation at this point. The 31st Union had promised early last year to reveal more details about its first major project even before Chu was presented, but the start of the COVID-19 pandemic likely threw a wrench in the works. Chu’s addition to the team, and the new job openings, may be the first real sign that that key has been eliminated and that serious progress is now being made.

Regardless, it will still be some time before any concrete information about the 31st Union’s first major project comes to light, so speculation is the only thing left to work on. But if anyone is looking for a job in game development, there are some openings available at 31, and Supervision fans in particular might be especially welcome.

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Source: IGN, MauroNL

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