Future State makes Batman useless to the Justice League

In Future State: Justice League # 1, the team’s new Green Lantern ends the decades-long debate over whether the Justice League needs Batman.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Future State: Justice League # 1 by Joshua Williamson, Ram V., Marcio Takara and Robson Rocha!

bat ManHis inexhaustible ingenuity coupled with his impressive use of various fighting styles and stealth maneuvers have made him the ultimate solution to the crime raging in his city. But despite these undeniable abilities at his disposal, Batman’s lack of superpowers has made him seem quite unsuitable to his colleagues when engaging in group endeavors with him. League of Justice. Together with them, he is but a speck among the gods.

But the mere presence of Batman has always cast a shadow over every team he serves. It’s his uncanny ability to always have the ability to come up with effective contingency plans for virtually every possible outcome that makes him an indispensable asset. Along with his crippling paranoia, his prowess at detection and deduction fuel his ability to unravel any mystery and perpetually stay 10 steps ahead of his enemies … and friends. And yet, Future State: Justice # 1, written by Joshua Williamson and Ram V. with art by Marcio Takara and Robson Rocha, has now been taken away by making the Dark Knight a useless and easily replaceable member of the Justice League.

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In what has turned out to be a dystopian world in many cases, the events surrounding Future state led to the complete transformation of the Justice League. In short, the team consists of a whole new roster of members, including the new Batman, Tim Fox, and the new Green Lantern, Sojourner “Jo” Mullein. When the League comes across a rather alarming crime scene, Jo gives her colleagues an excuse to attend to their private affairs after volunteering to investigate alone. Everyone scatters, including Batman, who probably uses this time to tackle some crisis caused by the Magistrate. Meanwhile, Jo’s investigative skills help her uncover the identities of the culprits.

Although the League is seemingly defeated regardless of its discovery, Jo’s epiphany comes fairly easily and quickly, while Batman makes no contribution to the investigation, an area in which he is supposedly competent. Superman’s comment revealing that Jo is the best detective in the multiverse only exacerbates Batman’s situation, as he is often referred to as the best detective on Earth. How does the best detective on a wretched planet compare to a detective whose competence surpasses those of multiple universes, much less one? What can Batman bring to a team of incredibly powerful beings when one of these divine humanoids possesses the same abilities and exceeds their use in every possible way?

It’s a shame, as Batman’s usefulness, until now, had always been tested every time it was questioned, like the time Blue Beetle (in one of its less attractive moments) ventured into the past to see how it would fare. Justice League without him in bat Man # 47, discovering that, to the amusement of many, he was an integral part of the machine that is the Justice League. Then there were times when he outwitted his team members, like when Cyborg admitted in Justice League # 39 that despite his technology-generated predisposition to track anything, there was one person he couldn’t track. You guessed it. Bat Man.

The worst of all, Future state has now lessened one of Batman’s roughest moments in the New 52 by interacting with that League of Justice Green Lantern. In their first encounter, Green Lantern had just called out to Batman for his lack of superpowers in the most degrading way imaginable by pointing out what he mistakenly believed to be Batman’s only defining quality: a suit. bat Man However, he was able to quickly put Green Lantern in his place, while stripping him of his powers by stealing his Ring of Power undetected. So much for that now. This new Green Lantern I would not allow that to happen.

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