With the upcoming battle royale between the world’s heavyweight kaiju champions, it might be easy to forget that giant monster battles were once a common sight in local drive-ins. Everything from the traditional Godzillas and King Ghidorah to the simple and effective giant insects and alien invasions were part of the course.

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But with the days of high-tech CGI and 4k clarity, filmmakers now have new and improved ways to make these giant monsters larger than life. With the rebirth of Godzilla and Kong, perhaps some of their peers and contemporaries may also receive the modern treatment.

10 Gort (The day the earth stood still)

Call it an honorable mention, but if there’s one giant robot that deserves a second chance, it’s Gort from The day the Earth stopped. Keanu Reeves might have made a credible alien in the remake, but his version of Klaatu’s protective robot left a lot to be desired.

The movie had a gigantic version of the metal man from another planet, but he did almost nothing with him. It’s about time Gort got his own movie.

9 Cyclops (The Cyclops)

Like many on this list, the Cyclops in question is a nearly forgotten B-movie star. Today, The cyclops It would be something worthy of the SyFy network, but it still has modern cinematic potential.

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Here is adequate potential for a decent movie. As long as there is a giant cyclops or a general one-eyed monster, the script can be whatever you want. Be it a summer blockbuster or a tongue-in-cheek parody of the B movie genre.

8 Giant tarantula (tarantula)

They knew Leo G. Carroll (Rocky’s Horror Picture Show) was on a barrel when Tarantula He took the hills, and so would a group of modern arachnophobes. At one point, giant spiders were all the rage. Maybe it is time for them to return?

Not since Eight Legged Freaks Has the modern public had a traditional giant spider destroy the city, and Tarantula it would be a return to form. It’s probably not as intimidating for some as Godzilla or Kong, but it’s something worth thinking about.

7 Scorpion (The black scorpion)

Scorpion B movie

What could be worse than a giant tarantula? A giant black scorpion. Scorpions alone aren’t exactly the most lovable creatures. So why not go the cinema route and offer the public one the size of a semi-trailer?

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Like so many monsters and giant insects, a new version of The black scorpion he has the ability to do his best with his madness. As long as a giant clawed, stabbing monstrosity is attacking the city at the end of the day, viewers will be satisfied.

6 Jet Jaguar (Godzilla Vs. Megalon)

This gigantic robot could follow some cues from the more famous Ultraman, but with the right direction and script, Jet Jaguar could make a triumphant return from the 70s and 21st century.

Entry of the Showa era Godzilla vs. Megalon I saw the king of all monsters join this giant robot to take on an insectoid alien monster, but he has hardly been heard of since. With a fresh and colorful design, one wonders why he hasn’t had at least his own anime series yet.

5 Megalon (Godzilla Vs. Megalon)

Speaking of Megalon, if there was ever an underrated Godzilla monster, this is it. How to begin to describe this hodgepodge of massive monstrosity? Part bug, part lizard, part robot, part alien, all an incredible cocktail of kaiju goodness.

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A modern Megalon would definitely have to appear first in a Godzilla movie, but a solo movie featuring the creature would not be turned down either. We hope you participate in modern action.

4 Ants (them!)

Putting things back in the 50s, a new version of They! It should be a love letter to the sci-fi movies of the time, rather than just a modern remake. The film is one of the unsung heroes of the genre and it definitely deserves full recognition.

Giant man-eating ants may not be the scariest idea on paper, but with the right treatment, they can be. Replace well-crafted CGI stop-motion and Fess Parker with a top-notch actor, and a hit could be on the way.

3 The Iron Giant (The Iron Giant)

Hogarth shows the iron giant a comic

Although not many fans consider it, The iron Giant it is perhaps one of the first kaiju movies to be presented to many modern viewers. Often regarded as a forgotten favorite lost in nostalgia, the tail of a giant Brad Bird robot smashing into Earth and befriending a child is a story that must be re-told.

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Of course, the only way this would work is if Bird were in full control with its modernization. Maybe a live action version could even happen?

two Frankenstein’s monster (Frankenstein conquers the world)

The kaiju genre often offers viewers some of the most interesting combinations known to film. If it’s not Godzilla teaming up with a giant robot to take on an alien monster, it’s a giant, Frankenstein-like humanoid fighting an underground monster.

A humanoid kaiju that arose from the heart of Frankenstein’s monster is as grand as a monster movie can be. Why not update the script and make it better, even scarier? It would certainly be an original idea.

1 Giant robot (giant robot)

Giant flying robot

Yes The iron Giant got the Godzilla / Power Rangers treatment, the result would be Giant robbery. A modern version would be extremely entertaining as long as the adaptation didn’t take itself too seriously, or at the very least, was ironic about its delivery.

Think about it: a kid who befriends a giant robot and defends the earth against an evil gang of aliens sounds pretty cartoonish on paper. A modernization would definitely need some updates, but it might be possible to do the concept justice.

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