Golden Girls: 10 Weirdest Episodes, Ranked

10 Forgive Me Father – Season 2, Episode 18

Dorothy talking to a confused priest

From the second season there is a slightly spiritual episode involving Dorothy and her crush on a priest. The girls have had some questionable affairs and boyfriends throughout the series, but this is one of Dorothy’s weirdest. To give him some credit, he didn’t know at first that Frank Leahy was a priest; she only knew him as a teacher she met at a school event.

With a little push from Blanche, Dorothy decides to make her move, which works. Frank wants to leave his livelihood behind, but not necessarily for Dorothy. Of all the men Ms. Zbornak could have met, this has to be the strangest and most uncomfortable.

9 Letter to Gorbachev – Season 3, Episode 6

Girls in Russia giving a speech

By now, anyone who has seen an episode or two of golden girls She knows the stories are scandalous and sometimes the girls leave the warm city of Miami. In “Letter to Gorbachev”, Rose leads a group called the Sunshine Cadets, and around the same time, writes a letter to the then leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev.

While he thinks Rose is a little girl and wants to meet her, the episode features a dream in which the girls go to Russia, where they give a speech to the locals. From the cinematography to the entire dream setting, just consider this episode a bit odd. On the other hand, Sophia is trying to put together an act for the talent show, which is, of course, fun.

8 The Artist – Season 3, Episode 13

An artist talking to the girls in his studio

Throughout the series, the girl had her fair share of dates and boyfriends, but during this time, they also had instances where they were bad friends and bad roommates. For example, in the episode “The Artist”, they really pushed the limits of what was acceptable and decided to go behind Blanche’s back and pose for Laszlo, the Hungarian sculptor.

Even though he and Blanche weren’t an element, it was still an awkward situation for this man to put the girls in, and for Dorothy and Rose to do that to Blanche. Around him, it was just strange and uncomfortable to watch. Everything came to a head when Laszlo tells them she has a boyfriend.

7 Till Death Fly Us – Season 4, Episode 19

Woman yelling at people in bed

Since the first season, there have been many unique characters on the show, but without a doubt, Trudy McMann is one of the most memorable. She is Dorothy’s childhood rival / friend and is back in Miami for her high school reunion.

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It seems that her competitive nature has not disappeared and, while playing a game of tennis, Trudy decides to play a “practical joke”. She pretends to die during a tennis match and Dorothy feels responsible. In the end, Dorothy notices and plays a prank on Trudy by apparently sleeping with her husband. This whole episode can give the viewer a whiplash because someone pretending to die is too much even for this show.

6 Foreign Exchange – Season 4, Episode 24

People at the front door as two women look at them

There’s no question that Sophia and Dorothy are one of the greatest mother-daughter duos in television history, so it’s a shock that Dorothy is even considered not to be Sophia’s biodaughter. In the episode “Foreign Exchange”, Sophia’s friends Dominic and Philomena Bosco and their daughter Gina come to visit.

However, they are not empty-handed and share shocking news: Gina is not Dominic and Philomena’s biological daughter. What’s even weirder is that Gina is a spitting image of Sophia and Dorothy looks like Philomena. The theme arises that Dorothy and Gina change at birth, and Blanche and Rose take dirty dancing classes, in which Rose is thriving while Blanche is not. Is this an episode about a parallel universe?

5 Love Under The Big Top – Season 5, Episode 5

Dorothy and clown-nosed boyfriend on the couch

As Blanche and Rose decide to get involved in the “Friends of Marine Mammals” protests, Dorothy has met a new man, a Miami attorney named Ken. He seems like the perfect boyfriend and their relationship becomes more serious until Ken realizes he wants a career change.

Ken wants to become a clown and join a circus group. After Dorothy is invited into this world, she realizes that she is not cut out for that. Ken has asked her to travel with him and the circus, which is a very strange invitation. To top it off, Sophia and Blanche need help in court due to the protests, and Dorothy reaches out to Ken. Coincidentally, he appears in a full clown costume, being the serious lawyer he wants to leave behind.

4 Ladies Of The Evening – Season 2, Episode 2

Women sitting in jail cell talking

This situation may seem a bit vague to viewers, and if they remember season two, they will realize that they are right. Dorothy, Rose and Blanche are lucky and win tickets to a Burt Reynolds movie premiere party.

This seems like a good time, but as fans know, there is always a catch. The girls visit a hotel bar beforehand for a drink and it is unknowingly a place for sex workers to meet. When the police pop the joint, the girls are mistaken for the same sex workers. This is as strange as it sounds, and since Sophia couldn’t go with the girls, she provided a portion of karma with one of her ancient burns while visiting them in jail.

3 Bringing Up Baby – Season 3, Episode 3

The girls in the yard with the baby pig

If a viewer saw this episode for the first time, they would think that the girls were going to adopt a human baby, but that was not the case. When Rose’s uncle in St. Olaf passes away, she learns that he wants to give her baby to raise. The girls are shocked when a large pig walks through the door named Baby and quickly refuses until they find out about the money that comes with the liability.

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While this golden girls The episode is strange, it has a sad side. The girls persuade Rose to send Baby back because she is homesick and, shortly after arriving in Minnesota, passes away. In addition to the questionable story, there are hilarious moments involving Sophia and her inability to see after losing her glasses.

two How do you solve a problem like Sophia? – Season 6, Episode 8

Sophia and other nuns playing cards

When it comes to wholesome characters in the golden girlsSophia Petrillo might not be the first person that comes to mind; so when he decides to join the convent after the death of a friend, it was shocking, to say the least. She told the girls that God was speaking to her, which prompted her to come together in the first place.

Viewers might have thought Sophia was turning the page, but instead, she’s getting on the Reverend Mother’s nerves and teaching the rest of the nuns to play poker. Sophia offers some classic phrases that are some of the best around golden girls franchise. Also, Blanche reveals that she hits the bumpers of rich men’s cars and ends up pissing off an “idiot in a duster.”

1 Henny Penny / Straight, No Chaser – Season 6, Episode 26

Girls in chicken costumes on stage

At the end of season six, Dorothy is tasked with producing the production of Henny Penny. This is a great concert for Dorothy, but when the entire cast of the show falls ill, she recruits Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose to replace her.

This episode is extremely funny but also strange. Picture it: the stage, three adult women jumping on a stage, in bird costumes, screeching at the fall of the sky.

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