Green Lantern: John Stewart just received an epic replacement for his ring

In DC’s Future State, former Green Lantern John Stewart just got an epic replacement for his ring, and it comes with a couple of cool perks.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Green Lantern # 2 by Geoffrey Thorne and Tom Raney

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Future state: Green Lantern, the Green Lantern Corps no longer exists. Something happened to the core power battery right in the middle of a great battle, leaving the Green Lanterns helpless. As such, only a handful of members of the corps survived, prompting John Stewart to lead said survivors who left to continue working as heroes, even though they no longer had work rings. In their most recent battle, they face an army known as Khund, who plunder and wreak havoc in the name of their “God in Red.” Also, John Stewart ends up getting a powerful new weapon to replace his idle ring at the end of the issue.

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Despite the fact that their rings are inoperable, Stewart and his crew are determined to persevere and stop the Khund and their violent worship of their “God in Red.” This second part of the “Last Lanterns” story shows Stewart having devised an ingenious plan, holding the Khund long enough for his team to activate a Mother Box, in order to present the Khunds with his face of “God in Red “. face in writer Geoffery Thorne’s issue with art by Tom Raney.

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Surprisingly, the God in Red is none other than Orion, the son of Darkseid and one of the New Gods, albeit in what appears to be his final form in DC. Future state. Orion is extremely displeased with his “followers”, as he never approved of them or wanted them to cause chaos and death in his name. Orion is no the god of war, butchers or berserkers. Instead, Orion clarifies that he is actually the god of soldiers. As such, that means his followers must fight for just causes; to end darkness and war, seeking peace. He then reveals that John Stewart is the perfect soldier in that regard, and tells his misguided followers to put their trust in him, calling him the Sword of Orion. While this title is figurative, it also comes with a literally cosmically powered blade to replace John’s powerless lantern ring.


Green Lantern Corps or not, it seems that John Stewart’s dedication to doing the right thing and keeping the galaxy safe has paid off. His quick thinking not only put an end to the Khund’s terror, but was also granted command of Khund himself who sought to please his god, now revealed as Orion.

Now, John Stewart has become the Sword of Orion, ready to lead his crew alongside the rest of the Khund army, ensuring that the galaxy remains safe as ever, even without the power of the Green Lantern Corps. All in all, it’s a pretty epic future for John Stewart, even though it came at the price of several of his friends and allies losing their lives along with the death of Central Power Battery. Regardless, the galaxy now has new protesters in DC. Future state, and one of the greatest ancient Green Lanterns is there to guide them.

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