Harry Potter: 5 things the book Draco would hate from the movie Draco (and 5 things he would be proud of)

Just like in the novels, there are so many heroes in the Harry Potter movies as there are villains. It can be argued that Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) didn’t start out that way, as he tried to form an alliance with Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) upon meeting him at school.

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However, in time, Draco would do terrible things. Worse still, he eventually becomes a Death Eater, as do his parents and some members of his extended family. And while Draco was heavily featured on screen, fans noted that the Draco movie fell short of Draco’s book in some way.

10 Hate: waiting until they got to Hogwarts to talk to Harry for the first time

It can be argued that Draco is much more confident in himself in the books, compared to the movies. For starters, he doesn’t wait until everyone gets to Hogwarts to talk to Harry about the book. Instead, he visits Harry and Ron in their train car, along with his two cronies Crabbe (Jamie Waylett) and Goyle (Josh Herdman).

A fight was also about to break out inside the compartment between the boys. In the movie, Draco introduces himself to Harry during an assembly for new students at Hogwarts.

9 Proud of: detecting Harry’s presence even when he was invisible

Draco may not be the smartest student at Hogwarts (Arguably Hermione). However, he is still able to detect if there was someone around him wearing an invisibility cloak. An example was the moment when students were about to disembark from the Hogwarts Express as they arrived near the school.

As he prepares to leave, Draco senses Potter’s presence. Impressively, Draco manages to mistreat him even if he can’t see anyone. In fact, it was proof that Draco’s abilities had improved over the years.

8 Hate: whining even if there were no visible injuries from Buckbeak in the movie

At some point in the Harry Potter movies, we meet the hippogriff named Buckbeak who likes Harry while hating Draco in equal measure. It all started when Draco seemed to taunt the winged creature almost right after Harry first mounted it.

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And while Buckbeak tried to protect himself from Draco, Draco ended up falling to the ground. In the movie, he whines even if there is no appearance of an actual injury. However, in the book, Draco had good reason to panic as he described that there was “blood blooming on his robes”.

7 Proud To: Disarm Dumbledore Of The Elder Wand

Looking back on Draco’s on-screen representation over the years, it’s easy enough to underestimate him. After all, he easily walks away from a fight and tends to moan when hurt. That said, it can’t be forgotten either that Draco managed to muster up enough courage to confront Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) in his office.

Before other Death Eaters could join him in the room, Draco also managed to disarm the Headmaster of Hogwarts. As such, he became the new rightful owner of Dumbledore’s elder wand, at least for a short time.

6 Hate: not facing Crabbe during his meeting inside the requirement room

In the movie, Harry meets Draco inside the Room of Requirement while still searching for one of the last remaining Horcruxes. When the two wizards meet, we also quickly learn that Draco is accompanied by Goyle and Blaise Zabini (Louise Cordice).

In the movie, Harry asks Draco why he pretended not to recognize him when Harry was brought before Malfoy. However, before he could respond, Goyle muttered something inaudible to Draco that made him stop. In the book, Draco was more assertive, even telling Crabbe to stop trying to kill Harry.

5 Proud of: denying he recognized Harry at Malfoy Manor

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are taken captive, they are handed over to Malfoy Manor. Cleverly, Harry was able to disguise his appearance by changing his face just before the Malfoys could see him. That said, we’re pretty sure Draco could still recognize his rival from school.

However, instead of confirming that they really did have Harry, Draco decided to pretend he wasn’t sure. By doing so, he most likely saved Harry from being killed by Voldemort before he could locate the remaining Horcruxes that needed to be destroyed.

4 Hate: being ashamed of yourself at Quidditch

Sure, it’s worth noting that Draco managed to get into his home team. However, it is most likely due to his father’s generous contribution, rather than actual skill. In the movies, Draco is not portrayed as a formidable Quidditch player. In fact, when he and Harry chase the snitch, he ends up falling to the ground and landing on his butt, much to his father’s dismay.

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With that said, it’s also worth noting that Draco is a good broom rider. Therefore, you may also need a little more practice to improve your game.

3 Proud of: Doubting going to his parents when Harry was thought to have died

After Voldemort believes that he has finally killed Harry during a confrontation in the forest, the dark wizard has Hagrid carry Harry’s body while ordering his followers to move towards the school. Once there, Voldemort wastes no time informing everyone that Harry is dead and that everyone must join him or suffer the same fate.

Around this time, Draco’s mother, Narcissa (Helen McCrory), urges Draco to come over so they can leave the scene. Initially, Draco didn’t move, seeming hesitant to join Voldemort’s cause.

two Hate: he was killing Dumbledore because he only feared for his own life

When Draco enters Dumbledore’s office to kill him, one can sense his hesitancy to carry out Voldemort’s orders. But then Draco confirms that he had no other choice and tells Dumbledore that the evil wizard would kill him if he didn’t. In the book, however, Draco makes it clear that he wasn’t just worried about himself.

“I have no options!” Draco tells Dumbledore shortly before his death. “I have to do it! It will kill me! It will kill my whole family! In response, Dumbledore says, “I appreciate the difficulty of your position.”

1 Proud to: settle down, start a family

After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and the rest of his schoolmates continue to live in peace. 19 years later, we also learn that Harry, Hermione, and Ron already had children (Hermione and Ron were married). As for Draco, he himself calmed down.

At the train station, where the new students were preparing to board the Hogwarts express, we caught a glimpse of an older-looking Draco leaving his son, along with his wife. We only see it momentarily, but it seems to be much better.

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