Recent data reveals that the latest season of Attack on Titan has surpassed its harshest critics to become bigger than any other show in America right now.

As more and more services come and go (pour one for Quibi), the streaming wars have heated up exponentially in recent years. Recent data reveals that WandaVision, The mandolorian Y Cobra Kai they’re pulling in large numbers, but none of them, it seems, can compete with the giant shonen that is Attack on Titan. Parrot Analytics reports that in the week of January 31 to February 6, the anime series was the most requested show in the United States. In fact, it had 110.5 times the demand of the series average, beating other animated rates such as Sponge Bob Square Pants Y My hero academia, who came in second and fourth, respectively.

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When Attack on Titan first shot to world fame in the early 2010s, it was an instant big hit. Hajime Isayama manga of the same name even pushed with One piece, Shonen jumpis the jewel in the untouchable crown, which reached the top of the manga sales charts at one point. However, the long gaps between the anime’s follow-up seasons dampened some of that initial surge in interest, but it appears that the fourth and final season, which is currently in the middle of its projected run, has spawned an increase in the size of Titan. Renaissance. Not only that, but the news shows that even his tougher critics It has not detracted from its success.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Poster

Though To attack Titan is no stranger to controversy, content wise, there was until very recently a cloud of pessimism about the production of the last season. The concern began when it was confirmed that the fourth season would be the last. Given HBO’s dangerous path game of Thrones was already heading down at that time, The parallels were drawn quickly, with fans worried that the anime would end earlier than its original material and thus be forced to think of an alternate ending. This problem is one of the ongoing manga anime adaptations that they continually face. Solutions range from producing fill material to plugging the space; diverging from its source entirely (like Fullmetal Alchemist did) or in an indefinite pause, such as Black clover is set to do.

Those fears have yet to be clarified. Currently, the only information we have on the episode count for the final season reveals that it will be comprised of only 16 episodes. Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, the manga still has two chapters left until its conclusion. The anime is likely to return for a second moment once these 16 episodes have aired as previous seasons have; After the final chapter release, you can faithfully adapt the ending of Isayama. But this is only speculative at this time. In any case, the quality of the last season of Attack on Titan it has become an even bigger point of discussion.

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While the first three seasons were handled by the Wit studio, MAPPA has stepped up for Season 4. The interim limbo of this handover sent the series’ fandom into an overdrive of concern, and even as MAPPA, a company whose star has only burst into the stratosphere in the last 12 months; confirmed as Wit’s replacement, the negative atmosphere was difficult to disperse. The concerns ranged from MAPPA’s already packaged list (which did not entirely unjustified) to his preference for CG compared to the more limited use of Wit.

Attack on Titan Jaw Titan season 4

Not even Attack on Titanthe premiere of the fourth season, which earned him the top spot in MyAnimeListthe most viewed list dispelled these views completely. On the contrary, subsequent episodes continued to draw ire from fans online, who found fault with everything from the pacing to the character redesign and the CG used for the Titans to certain musical options. Some Twitter users were so critical of Episode 5’s musical cues that, in fact, the episode’s director felt the need to block your account on the platform completely. In the midst of this, a counterweight could be found on #ThankYouMAPPA, which others used as a signature of praise, expressing gratitude for MAPPA’s work, specifically. As with anything popular, there will be always Be naysayers – some offer real, measured criticism and others enjoy playing Devil’s Advocate simply as an antidote to the bum. Anything of both substance and popularity will always be left more open to minutia by virtue of high expectations, especially if it is the latest of something.

As of Episode 9, most of the naysayers have been silenced or traded. Comments have been commented on this key installment of the high-exposure series and his skillful delivery of such information from the manga. largely positive. Attack on Titan now he is also on the heels of the classic shonen that has long reigned, Fullmetal Alchemist, for the highest rating in TIMESTop 100. Along with this recently released data on its popularity in the US, even with Disney + WandaVision compete every week, and it’s very clear that the series has returned to its peak almost a decade ago.

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