How Doom Patrol Season 3 Could Introduce Superman

Season 3 of the Doom Patrol could continue the show’s signature weirdness as it features Superman through the surreal “Milk Wars” event.

Season 3 of Doomed patrol It’s likely to continue the show’s tradition of being the weirdest superhero series on TV, and you could take this opportunity to introduce Superman, or at least, to version of Superman. An alternate version of the notorious Kryptonian hero appeared in the DC universe crossover comic – Young Animal (featuring the Justice League) JLA / Doom Patrol Special # one (2018), during an event known as “Milk Wars”. In the comic, this mind-controlled setting is designed by Retconn, an organization within the Sphere of the Gods that acquires realities before editing and repackaging them into a flawless, marketable version to be sold to the highest bidder.

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However, the alternate universe is not entirely pleasant and familiar – there is an unsettling underside. It is comically surreal and also immensely dark. Of course, there’s Milkman Man, an evil copy of Superman who is the local delivery man for mind-altering dairy products, perpetuating the mind control everyone is under. There is even a scene where he tortures one of the heroes of the story. Wonder Woman turns into “Wonder Wife,” a 1950s-style housewife stereotype that would be fine if it weren’t such a stark contrast to her authentic self. And Batman is rebuilt as a cult leader who brainwashes orphans like him into crime-fighting, gun-wielding cronies.

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If this event seems to have the makings of a complete fever dream, it’s because it does! But, it is this rarity that could fit very well with Doomed patrolThe overall atmosphere of the series (one that is funny and absurd while tackling grim themes and stories), and could be used to introduce Superman to the universe. After all, the show has already been loaded with quirky and wacky events. Who could forget scenes like Danny the sentient street, and all the other characters in the scene that inadvertently and simultaneously climaxed due to Flex’s awesome R-rated Doom Patrol superpower? And there’s the graphic sequence in which The Beard Hunter pulls a lock of Chief’s facial hair from the sink drain and eagerly slurps it up. Doomed patrol It may be dark, but it’s at its best when it’s undeniably weird too.

Although the alternate versions of the “Milk Wars” characters are thematically heavy and dark, this could easily fit in with what the show has already covered. Issues like sect brainwashing, child soldiers, and a woman confined to a domestic role when that is not who she really is, are no darker than has already been mentioned. The show has already addressed abuse and subsequent psychological trauma with Jane, repression of sexuality with important Doomed patrol Negative Man character, devastating physical injury with Cliff Steele, and the powerful loss of a loved one with the Cyborg character backstory.

Doomed patrol season 3 is scheduled to be released sometime in 2021 (now on HBO Max) and the DC Comics adaptation will likely be just as absurd and surreal in the future. Doomed patrol He will undoubtedly continue on his characteristic path of strangeness with the established characters. Still, it would be exciting (and thematically spot on) if Superman, or, more accurately, Milkman Man, appeared as well.

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