How I Met Your Mother: Ten Times Marshall Said Everything Fans Thought

Marshall Eriksen can have his wacky moments in How i met your mother, but he’s definitely one of the most talented and related characters on the show. The ideal boyfriend is always full of good romantic advice, a trait that definitely helps him get Ted back on track every time.

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Whether he’s partying like “Beercules”, eating “sandwiches” at concerts, taking care of Marvin, or fighting for the environment, he always manages to keep the relationship and say the right thing.

10 “Why does he keep doing this? He knows them. He likes them too much. He gets too big too soon. He ends up ruining it.”

Ted Mosby is a hopeless romantic, which usually leads him to be too strong with women. Fans have seen him do his best and finally had his heart broken more than a dozen times on the show. So in the end, when he cancels his big move to Chicago for a girl he just met, all the fans agree with Marshall’s reaction.

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Marshall knows Ted better than anyone and, frustrated, correctly describes the reason why all his relationships fail. However, thankfully this time Ted lands with the girl and finally finds his true love.

9 “Okay, after Thanksgiving, I’m cutting out the carbs.”

In the 11th In the season 7 episode, Marshall and Lily return from the suburbs only to realize how small their Manhattan apartment is in comparison. This makes Marshall feel out of shape, leading him to say something we’ve all thought about most of the time.

How many of us promise to cut carbs and eat healthier in the new year after the holidays? In this scene, Marshall says one of his most relatable lines, reflecting what most fans feel at that time of year.

8 “You should never say that”

All fans know that Ted doesn’t have the best humor on the show. In fact, their puns and nicknames usually flop and they never get a great response from their friends or the audience.

So when Ted talks about Barney never paying back the things he borrows and asking if he should start calling him “Borrow-ney” instead of Barney, Marshall rightly replies, “You should never say that” killing the bad joke. and evoking what all the fans are thinking of the scene.

7 “I don’t know, the home girl is pretty devilish.”

In episode 23 of 6th season, the Arcadian is about to be declared a milestone, causing Ted to lose his big project. When all hope is lost, the gang begins to discuss other business ideas, such as their dream of opening a bar.

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However, Lily hasn’t given up yet and tells everyone to come up with a solution, to which Barney responds with “it’s over.” Marshall then says what all the fans are thinking: “I don’t know, the girl from home is pretty devilish.” We all know that when Lily really wants something, she can get really creative and besides, you never want to be on her bad side. In fact, it can be devilish.

6 “I guess sometimes, you just have to put your ego aside”

Unlike Barney and Robin, Lily and Marshall were the epitome of a good relationship in How i met your mother. Fans witness Robin and Barney’s struggle throughout their relationship on the series due to their stubbornness and sometimes selfish demeanor.

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So when Marshall tells them that in order to have a good, healthy relationship, sometimes you just “have to put your ego aside,” he’s saying what all the fans long to say to Barney and Robin.

5 “Love died. The love that made you all believe in love is already dead”

In season 2, when Lily leaves Marshall to go to San Francisco just before the wedding, fans mourn the relationship as much as Marshall. When his lawyer friends give him advice on how to get back at Lily, Marshall tells them that none of that matters, because the love that made us all “believe in love is already dead.” Being the ideal couple on the show, their date resonates with what all the fans feel after Lily ends the relationship and moves from New York.

4 “Ted, Karen is a shower”

Ted is known for dating girls who just aren’t right for him sometimes in How i met your mother. However, Karen was possibly the worst girl he had ever dated. She was a snob, constantly cheating on him, and treating him terribly.

Therefore, when years later he makes the mistake of dating Karen again, Marshall reminds Ted what all the fans are thinking and says ‘Ted, Karen is an idiot’.

3 “Am I the only one curious about pineapple?”

In season 1 episode 10, Ted has a wild drunken night at his local bar and passes out before waking up confused the next day. The next morning, he finds himself in bed with an ordinary girl and a pineapple.

Throughout the episode, try to recall the events that took place the night before to find out who the girl is and what happened. However, fans, along with Marshall, are wondering how the pineapple came into play and ended up in bed with them.

two “Look at you. I had a girlfriend for five minutes and to think that you’re playing with the big boy is adorable.”

In season 5, when Barney and Robin start dating, Barney tries to hide all his relationship problems by claiming that he is the best in a relationship, just like he was the best in being single. Marshall, just like the fans, knows this is completely untrue and tells him to stop competing with him as he is very new to relationships while Marshall has had a great relationship for years.

1 “Ted, I love you buddy, but there’s no way you can look blonde”

Ted Mosby has had some pretty crazy fashion moments in How i met your mother. Whether it was the red cowboy boots or the tweed suits, they never worked for him.

Therefore, in the final episode of the 5th season, when Ted thinks about dyeing his hair blonde, all the fans agree with Marshall, when he tells him not to make this mistake. Although Ted follows through with this decision, only to regret it later.

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