Josh Radnor played Ted Mosby for all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, so why was Bob Saget hired to voice the same character in the comedy?

Josh Radnor played the role of Ted Mosby for the duration of How i met your motherBut Bob Saget was the actor who voiced the older version of the character. Saget was the narrator for nearly every episode of the Carter Bays and Craig Thomas CBS sitcom. Although the actor never appeared directly on the series, his involvement was comprehensive as he became the driving force behind the plot. However, some viewers always wondered why Radnor was not chosen to narrate the comedy since he was the face of the role.

For nine seasons, Ted documented the journey that led to the eventual meeting of the mother of his two children, Penny and Luke. As events unfolded in How i met your mother, a version of Ted from 2030 was telling the big story to his teenage children, which subsequently served as the narrative. While the lives of Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Robin Scherbatsky, and Barney Stinson also came into focus, the plot always returned to Ted and the first meeting with his future wife, Tracy McConnell.

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When How i met your mother was still in the development stages, Saget was contacted to act as the narrator as the series wanted to emulate a sentiment popularized by The wonderful years. The coming-of-age series premiered in the late 1980s, but followed characters twenty years earlier. While a young Fred Savage played the title character, Kevin Arnold, actor Daniel Stern voiced the older version of the figure to serve as the narrator. Some viewers of How i met your mother assumed Saget was hired because he was linked to one of the best-known dads in television history, playing Danny Tanner in Full house from 1987 to 1995. While his voice provided a sense of familiarity, that was not the clear reason why Saget was hired.

HIMYM needed to differentiate between Ted and Future Ted

Josh Radnor as Old Ted in How I Met Your Mother

More than anything, How i met your mother I needed a storyteller to act as a narrative device. Future Ted’s story directed the events of the series and at the same time provided more insight into memorable moments. By not using Radnor’s voice for narration, viewers could tell when Future Ted was doing the voiceover. Of course, the storytelling usually occurs at the beginning and end of episodes, but it wasn’t always that way. When Saget’s voice jumped onto the scene, it was established that the voice came from Future Ted. This method reduced confusion when it came to the presence of the same character from different timelines.

Oddly enough, Saget was never credited with his work on How i met your mother, despite the fact that his storytelling remained a key aspect of the entire series. When Future Ted was finally shown in the series finale, Radnor took over with an aged appearance. Viewers were quick to point out the inconsistency with Radnor’s voice that sounded nothing like Future Ted’s narration. However, there was a belief that Saget’s version was more like Ted’s subconscious voice. In reality, the series probably wanted Radnor to end Ted’s journey in the future timeline.

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