How Kid Cosmic’s version of Infinity Stones works

The Netflix original series features 5 Cosmic Stones of Power with similar powers in time, space, and body as Marvel’s Infinity Stones.

Netflix original series Cosmic child focuses on five Cosmic Stones of Power similar to Marvel’s Infinity Stones. The elemental crystals of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are remnants of six pre-creation singularities that represent different aspects of the universe: space, reality, power, soul, mind, and time. Similarly, the 5 Cosmic Power Stones are the remnants of a world destroyed by Erodius the Planet Killer that correspond to five alien species. Both the Cosmic Stones of Power and the Infinity Stones are central elements of their respective stories, granting their users superpowers of time, space, and body alteration.

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Cosmic child tells the story of an orphan boy known simply as “Kid” who discovers five powerful cosmic stones in the remains of a spaceship. Desperately seeking to become a superhero, Kid hits the “five cosmic stones of power“In hex nuts to create the”power rings. “Although not used as rings, the Infinity Stones are housed in various objects such as the cube-shaped crystalline Tesseract, the Eye of Agamotto pendant, Loki’s Scepter, and an ancient orb. Avengers: Infinity WarThanos collects the six stones in his Uru glove made by the dwarves known as the Infinity Gauntlet, granting him many powers similar to those wielded by the Kid and his team of superheroes.

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Shortly after turning the magic stones into hex nuts, Kid sets out to put his powers to the test. The green stone of power is the first to be tested and grants Kid the ability to fly, sparking the interest of local teenager Jo. She convinces Kid that she will need help defending Earth from alien invaders and tries out the Purple Power Stone, which opens teleportation portals much like Marvel’s Space Stone. Rosa, Kid’s four-year-old neighbor, acquires the blue Power Stone and becomes a 40-foot giant. Kid’s hippy grandfather Papa G wields the Yellow Power Stone, which can create multiple versions of its wearer, similar to the capabilities of Marvel’s Reality Stone. Kid hides the red Power Stone within the collar of a cat named Tuna Sandwich, who subsequently receives visions of the future from a third eye manifested on his forehead, similar to Marvel’s Time Stone.

While the Infinity Stones are perhaps the most obvious antecedent to the 5 Cosmic Stones of Power, there are other comic and movie objects similar to Cosmic childstones of. A lesser-known Marvel comic book story is the Merlin Stones, six magic stones or gems as they are also called, that once belonged to the sorcerer Merlin. The stones debuted in 1962. Fantastic Four # 5 along with the character Doctor Doom, who sends the male members of the eponymous team into the past to retrieve the stones from the treasure chest of the famous pirate Blackbeard. The Merlin Stones, who can open portals with their reality-altering powers, reappear at various points, and Doom even embarks on a hunt to collect the six scattered stones just like Thanos. The Cosmic Stones are also similar to those of DC’s famous Green Lantern Power Rings, granting those who use them a number of interesting abilities including energy projection, force field creation, flight, and access to wormholes in the space.

Cosmic childThe 5 Cosmic Stones of Power may share certain similarities with the MCU’s Infinity Stones, but the difficulty of finding them is not one. What did it take Thanos a series of movies to accomplish? Kid does it in the first five minutes of episode 1. However, for the Netflix original series, the lesson lies not in the journey of finding the stones, but in learning how to handle them, since the theme of the show – “Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual“- emerges.

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