Fans of actors always want to know more about them beyond the screen. They need to know who they are dating or who they are married to. They need to know more about your family life. Above all, they want to know its characteristics.

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For example, the height of certain actors. Such is the case with the MCU cast. Guardians of the Galaxy. Fortunately, there are ways to find out the vertical measurements of main star Chris Pratt and the other members of his antihero team.

10 Chris Pratt is 6’2 “

Avengers Infinity War Star-Lord

The man who plays Earth / Galactic prince Peter Quill is not far behind in the height category. Although he is not as tall as some of his other actors. Either real or computer-animated.

Pratt is 1.88 meters tall. He’s definitely shorter than his co-star David Bautista. However, when it comes to engaging in Avengers: Infinity War, first Parks and recreation The actor is taller than Chris Evans and an inch shorter than Chris Hemsworth. In other words, he’s the average Chris.

9 Zoe Saldana is 5 ‘7 “

On screen, the actress who plays Gamora appears much taller than in reality. This is probably due to his poise and the way he fights. However, he is one of the shortest people in the cast.

Saldana is 5 ‘7 “(1.7 meters). Actually, she is taller than the average for women in the US, which is 5’ 4 ‘. Additionally, she is four inches taller than Thandie Newton. She and Saldana tend to get confused by other professionals because of their similarity.

8 David Bautista is 6 ‘6 “

Drax in battle stance

The man who plays the angry, dry and sarcastic Drax is the tallest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy to emit. Well, the tallest royal member. They don’t compare him to Groot.

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The height of the former professional fighter is 1.98 meters. He doesn’t beat his co-star Pratt that much. Also, as a fighter, he was somewhat insignificant. Dwayne Johnson is just an inch shorter. Meanwhile, The Undertaker is around 6’10 “.

7 Vin Diesel 6 ‘0 “

Vin diesel and Baby Groot

The actor is not seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. However, his voice is. He is the gentleman who provides the simplest three-word sentence to Groot. Even that trio of words can make someone sweat out of fear.

Diesel could also do that at his height of six feet (1.83 meters). Meanwhile, the height of his character varies. Before sacrificing himself in the first movie, Groot could grow up to 23 feet vertically. When he was a baby, he was about a foot tall. In Infinity war, the grumpy teenager Groot was around five feet.

6 Bradley Cooper is 6’1 “

Like Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper is heard but not seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. He portrays the artificial being known as Rocket Raccoon. Although the top-notch pilot is small, Cooper plays with his attitude to the point where he acts taller than Drax.

In real life, Cooper is 1.85 meters tall. Therefore, it lives up to Pratt and Bautista. Meanwhile, Raccoon’s height varies depending on the media. When it was introduced in 1976 Marvel preview, measured four feet (1.2 meters). In the MCU, Rocket is somewhere in the 3 ‘1 “(0.95 meters) area.

5 Michael Rooker is 5 ’10 “

Yondu fighting devastators

The man who plays Yondu in the movie franchise is one of the shorter characters. It doesn’t matter in the end. His ability to control arrows through high-pitched whistles will put out someone’s eye regardless of whether they are six feet tall.

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Rooker himself is 5’10 “(1.78 meters), which differs from the Marvel Comics character of the same name. That individual, who is a member of the 30th century Guardians of the Galaxy, is 6’2” tall. .

4 Karen Gillan is 5 ’11 “

There’s a reason Karen Gillan seemed to be talking face to face with Matt Smith when they were both in Doctor who. They are practically the same height. Plus, that’s why he doesn’t look so small against Dwayne Johnson in the Jumanji films.

Gillan is 5’11 “(1.80 meters). That’s just an inch shorter than Smith’s Doctor. Her height makes her the right person to be Gamora’s sister, Nebula, in Guardians of the Galaxy. However, since it is practically robotic, it is difficult to see a resemblance.

3 Kurt Russell is 5 ’11 “

Kurt Russell’s appearance as Ego, Peter Quill’s father, was something of a homecoming for the actor. He began his career as a child actor in Disney live action films. With his role in the second Guardians of the Galaxy, He returned to the House of the Mouse after half a century.

Russell’s height probably didn’t change much between the late 1960s and the 21st century. Like Gillan, he is 5’11 “(1.80 meters). On the other hand, Quill’s father in the Earth-616 universe, J’son, is roughly the same size as Peter himself.

two Pom Klementieff is 5 ‘7 “

Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

In the MCU, Pom Klementieff’s character Mantis was originally raised by Ego. As he grows older, his job is to calm the neurotic behaviors of the man. However, after he joins Drax, Mantis works to prevent Ego from conquering the galaxy. Finally, he joins the Guardians.

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All this is a difficult task for the character. Yet even at 5 ‘7 “(1.70 meters), Klementieff is up to the task. That is why her quiet performance is fondly remembered.

1 Sylvester Stallone is 5 ’10 “

The actor always known as Rocky Balboa made his first MCU appearance at the Guardians of the Galaxy continuation. He plays Stakar Ogord, leader of the Ravagers and head of Yondu. When he learns of the sacrifice of a member of his team, Ogord holds a suitable funeral for him. This is followed by a call to steal things.

On Earth, Stallone is 1.78 meters tall. Honestly, the height of the man doesn’t matter. The fact that he could make someone run with a simple glance and a wave of his fist reveals how powerful he can be at any moment. Size.

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