How to craft wolf armor in Valheim

Wolf Armor is one of the best late-game armor sets in Valheim, but it’s difficult to craft. Players will have to hunt wolves and extract silver.

As players explore procedurally generated map areas and the different biomes of Valheim, they can encounter a variety of creatures, enemies, and resources. In ValheimPlayers must explore and find better ways to survive in often harsh environments, as well as defeat monsters to restore order and prove themselves a hero. As players collect materials from creatures, enemies, or the environment, they will be able to create new equipment and tools that make survival even easier.

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One of the biomes that players will inevitably find themselves in is the Mountains. This is a particularly dangerous area, as it is covered in snow and ice, and players can easily freeze to death. To combat this, there is a special set of armor that is both a cold deterrent and one of the best possible armor for late combat: Wolf Armor. As the name implies, the main resources needed to craft this armor come from Dead Wolves. However, a large amount of silver is also required, and the most consistent spawning location for silver is under snow in the mountains. It will take players some time to gather all the necessary materials, but the armor is worth the wait. Wolf Armor protects players from the cold, granting them 75% Block and the ability to deal 40 maximum damage. Here’s how to get Wolf Armor Valheim.

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How to find silver for wolf armor in Valheim

A player extracts a vein of silver in Valheim.

Most of the materials required to craft the wolf armor set parts are not difficult to access. There are three pieces in the set: chest, legs and cape. Each piece has separate crafting requirements. These are:

Wolf Armor Chest

  • 20 silver
  • 5 wolf skins
  • 1 chain

Wolf armor legs

  • 20 silver
  • 5 wolf skins
  • 4 wolf fangs

Wolf Armor Cloak

  • 4 Silver
  • 6 wolf skins
  • 1 wolf trophy

A player builds a campfire in Valheim.

To obtain wolf skins, players will have to hunt wolves, often in the mountains. Wolves tend to hunt in packs, so players will need to make sure they are ready to take on several at once while searching for materials. Probably the hardest material to come by will be silver, which is technically the staple of the set. This late-game metal requires players to craft an iron pickaxe or better and is found beneath the surface of mountains.

Once players have an Iron Pickaxe, they can go blind hunting Silver, if they wish. This can be difficult as it can be difficult to tell where the deposits are thanks to the blanket of snow. Spending too long away from a fire or mountain shelter, or not having enough frost-resistant mead, can easily freeze the player mid-quest. Instead, players can mine silver more efficiently using a Wishbone. The Wishbone is a drop of the third boss of the game, Bonemass. When activated, Wishbone helps players identify the location of resources.

As players explore the Mountains biome with the Wishbone active, they should start to see green sparks indicating the direction of a silver deposit. The sparks will become more frequent as the player gets closer to the depot. When players think they have the location, they must dig through the snow with their pickaxe and clear the location of a silver ore deposit. They can extract silver from deposits.

A player explores a snowy mountain in Valheim.

Players will also need an upgraded Forge to craft all three parts of the Wolf Armor Set. Like the Workbench, to update Forge, players will need to create and place other items near it. These can include Anvil, Forge Cooler, and Forge Bellows.

When players have the full set of Wolf Armor, although they receive a massive stat boost for armor and weapon damage, they will have to sacrifice around 10% of their movement speed. Still, even with this penalty, Wolf Armor is still one of the best armor sets in the game so far. If players are only interested in the Freeze debuff from this armor set, they can get away with just the cape, so it may be best to create that first.

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