How to find more copper in Valheim (and what it is for)

Copper is one of the first metals players must find in Valheim. It is used to create Bronze and the Forge and is found in the Black Forest.

As in many survival games, success in Valheim it depends on the player’s ability to gather and use resources to ensure that their basic needs are met and to help them build teams and teams. In Valheim, players take on the role of a Viking who dies in battle but, instead of being sent to Valhalla, he is sent to a kind of Norse purgatory, the tenth world, called Valheim. They will have to defeat a group of bosses, Odin’s former rivals, to be worthy of Valhalla. Players will need to ensure that their character can survive and explore the expansive world, initially gathering materials to create and use crude tools. As the player base develops into a functional settlement, stronger and more durable tools are likely to be needed. For that, players will need metal. One of the most abundant metals players can find is copper, either in the form of copper bars or copper ore.

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The Copper Weapons and Tools are a step up from the rough wood and stone tools players will need to make when they first start the game. They are stronger, more durable, and able to help the player access more materials and resources. Copper is one of two metals that players will need to upgrade their workbench and eventually their forge. Copper can also be mixed with tin to make bronze, which is also necessary to improve tools and build stations. To find the copper, players will have to go on several trips through the Black Forest biomes. Here’s how to get more copper Valheimand what players can create once they find it.

How to find more copper in Valheim

A player enters the Black Forest and stands on a rock in Valheim.

There are two main ways that players can access pure copper in Valheim. The first, and most reliable, is to extract copper ore from the Black Forest biomes. Black Forest locations will vary, as each player’s map is randomly generated. Players should be careful in the Black Forest, as it is home to Gray Dwarves, Skeletons, and the occasional Troll.

Copper deposits in the Black Forest often appear as large moss-covered rocks with bright veins. Players can wear a pick to extract copper ore. They will only be able to carry around 20 copper ores at a time, as they are very heavy. They will want to leave them on a base to avoid having to drag them around for too long.

Players can also get pure copper bars by looting some chests during exploration. Because this is a random drop, it is slightly less reliable than looking for Copper Ore.

A player enters a dungeon and collects Surtling Core in Valheim

Copper bars can be used as is, but the copper ore will need to be melted. Players will need a coal furnace to obtain coal, which is needed to melt and run a forge. They will also need to build a foundry.

Players can cook copper ore in the foundry to get more copper bars. Copper is required if players intend to build a forge. Copper can also be combined with tin in foundry to create bronze, which is needed for stronger weapons such as the bronze sword and knife and armor such as the bronze helmet or the horned bronze helmet.

Players need a forge if they want to build the only copper weapon currently available, a copper knife. This item is a pretty good melee weapon early in the game and will probably be more effective against multiple enemies than the stone ax early in the game.

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Valheim is on Steam Early Access and available for PC.

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