The Nvidia Control Panel can be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Store for Nvidia graphics card and utility detection and optimization settings.

Nvidia s The Control Panel is no longer provided as part of the Windows driver package with its products due to Microsoft’s requirements, but it is still a useful tool. It can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Store. Sometimes it may also be necessary to update or reinstall.

The Control Panel gives users control of the Nvidia graphics driver settings and other Nvidia tools or utilities installed on the user’s computer. It can be used to adjust the screen, application, and game-specific graphics features. While users of supported Nvidia devices are not required to have Control Panel installed, it provides optimization detection and settings that are not available without it.

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The minimum system requirements to use the Control Panel are an Nvidia graphics card with DCH1 driver, Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later, an X64 processor, the Windows Update service that is running, and an Internet connection. Assuming that’s the case, users can find the Nvidia Control Panel in Microsoft Windows Store and just click ‘Get’ to install it for free. Once the application is installed, users should be able to start using its functionality immediately.

How to Start and Repair the Nvidia Control Panel

Nvidiad GeForce 3060 Ti and GeForce 3070 graphics card

If all is well, users can launch the application by clicking its icon in the system tray or, if it is not visible, by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting Nvidia Control Panel from the context menu. In case the menu item is not visible, it can be added via the Nvidia Control Panel section in the Windows Control Panel. Users may also access the Nvidia Control Panel through the Start menu or through the Windows search bar.

If for some reason the application does not launch when its icon is clicked or displays an error message stating that it is not installed or not installed correctly, users should navigate to the ‘Applications and Features’ section of the Control Panel from Windows where they can uninstall what’s left of it. After that, it can be reinstalled in its most up-to-date form from the Microsoft Windows Store. Now, users should be able to take full advantage of its various functions, such as managing 3D settings, adjusting screen resolution, color and positioning settings, and adjusting video image settings. The Control Panel retains a simple paneled window layout, making it easy and intuitive to navigate.

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