How to watch BlizzConline and what to expect

With two days and six different simulcasts, there’s a lot to watch during this year’s online-only BlizzCon, called BlizzConline.

Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon is typically an in-person convention that serves as Blizzard’s way of announcing new games and engaging with its community. However, tons of big gaming events have been forced to go online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and BlizzCon is no exception. For those who are eagerly awaiting upcoming Blizzard releases, here’s how fans can check out the online-only version of BlizzCon this year.

BlizzConline takes place on February 19 and 20, with different types of content planned each day. The BlizzConline opening ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. EST on February 19. Day one will focus on upcoming Blizzard game titles and content, while the 20th broadcast will highlight content created by fans and the community surrounding Blizzard games. For those seeking information on the future of World of warcraft or Overwatch 2, the 19 would be the day to tune in the transmission.

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Blizzard fans will be able to watch the show on three different platforms. YouTube and Twitch will feature streams from BlizzConline, although the main viewing experience will be hosted on the official BlizzCon website. Not only will BlizzCon’s website host a one-time broadcast of the event, as each major franchise will have its own channel to watch. In total, there will be six different content channels for each type of Blizzard fan.

Supervision, World of warcraft, Hearthstone Y Devil they all have their own channels that will exclusively include the content of that game. There are two additional channels that are a bit more general to make six in total. One of the additional channels will feature highlights from the other channels, and the other is a strategy channel focused on Blizzard’s wide range of strategy games, with an emphasis on Star boat.

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This is an incredibly unique way to host a convention online. It makes sense, as a typical in-person convention attendees are free to attend the presentations that interest them. Instead of having to sit through a full presentation, fans can focus on the content they want to see. This also gives presenters more time to showcase new content coming to different Blizzard franchises.

There is a available hours on the BlizzCon website for the event outlining what fans can expect from each channel. At Supervision channel, fans will get a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Overwatch 2. the Devil Y World of warcraft The channels will focus on letting fans know what Blizzard has in the works for those franchises. There will also be many broadcasts on the Devil, Supervision Y World of warcraft channels that will immerse themselves in the tradition of those games.

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the Devil The channel is certainly one to pay attention to, as both Devil 4 and a new version of Diablo II they are known to be in process. Devil 4 It has not been officially revealed for BlizzConline, so learning about the game would be a pleasant surprise for fans. Similarly, BlizzConline could be the next Warcraft war Content patch or expansion announced. World of warcraft‘s Shadowlands expansion released recently, and content beyond the expansion launch is unknown.

Earlier this year, Vicarious Visions (the studio known for the Crash Bandicoot remakes) were officially purchased by Blizzard. According to a Bloomberg report, Vicarious Visions were assigned to work on a new version of Diablo II in january. Since there is a whole stream focused on the future of the Devil series, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see that remake shown to fans. With six different channels of content to watch and tons of anticipated games in the future from Blizzard, the first BlizzCon online is worth it for fans of its many franchises.

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