How WandaVision’s Yo-Magic Commercial Connects to Scarlet Witch’s Past and Future

WandaVision Episode 6 features the creepiest commercial on the show yet, but what does Yo-Magic reveal about what’s really going on at Westview?

WandaVision Episode 6 features the creepiest commercial on the show yet, in which a child is starving while trying and unable to open a pot of “Yo-Magic” yogurt. While previous commercials have been direct references to the repressed trauma of Wand’s past, the Yo-Magic commercial also appears to include some clues about his present life in Westview and what the future might hold.

“New Spooktacular Halloween!” bring WandaVisionThe sitcom aesthetic advanced into the 2000s, when there were a lot of bizarre commercials. The chattering skeleton boy certainly goes along with the spooky Halloween theme of the episode. But while the meaning of the Yo-Magic commercial may be harder to parse than WandaVisionOf the previous ad breaks, it may also be the most revealing yet.

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Such as WandaVisionThe setting has progressed in time, much like the commercials have progressed through Wanda’s past, from the Stark ToastMate 2000 in the first episode (a reference to the Stark Industries bomb that killed her parents) through references to Hydra and Von. Strucker. In Episode 5, there was a grim gesture to Scarlet Witch that accidentally blew up the side of a building in Lagos, starting the main conflict of Captain America: Civil War. Although aware that she is in control of her new reality, Wanda has suppressed the memories of her life before Westview and cannot recall how the hex was first created. If the Yo-Magic commercial is a manifestation of more recent memories, it could be a clue as to what it is. Really going.

Yo-Magic hints at Scarlet Witch’s mutant genetic background

Captain America Winter Soldier Post Credits Scarlet Witch

Following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, the rights to the X-Men film are now back with Marvel Studios and the mutants are expected to be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver made their MCU debuts (first in Captain America: The Winter Soldierpost-credits scene, and then on Avengers: Age of Ultron), rights issues prevented them from being called “mutants” or being related to their father in the comics, Magneto. Instead, the twins’ powers were explained by volunteering for Hydra and Baron Von Strucker’s experiments with the Mind Stone.

In addition to casting Evan Peters (who played Quicksilver in Fox’s X-Men movies) for the role of Wanda’s “reformulated” Pietro, WandaVision He has also begun to lay the groundwork for a reconfiguration of Wanda’s powers. The Hydra Soak commercial for Episode 3 included the tagline “Find the goddess within!“- a suggestion that Hydra’s experiments did not give Wanda her powers, but simply unlocked the potential that was already within her. The boy in the Yo-Magic commercial was given a pot of” Yo-Magic “and struggling to break the seal on it also fits this theme. If the malevolent-looking shark represents Von Strucker, then the product name indicates that what Hydra gave Wanda was actually her own latent magic.

Yo-Magic references traumatic deaths from Wanda’s past

Avengers Age of Ultron Quicksilver Death

The dark end of WandaVisionThe Yo-Magic commercial is also related to the trauma of Wanda’s past and the death of her loved ones. When Wanda and Pietro’s childhood home collapsed by a Stark Industries bomb, the twins were trapped under rubble for two days, staring death (in the form of a second unexploded bomb) in the face. Although Wanda survived, she experienced the trauma of being trapped and helpless, without food or water. And even when she obtained her magical powers, which she hoped would be assured that she would never be so defenseless again, she couldn’t prevent Pietro’s death at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Perhaps the most obvious parallel between the child who tries and fails to open the yogurt seal and dies as a result, is Vision’s death in Avengers: Infinity War. This would be a natural place for WandaVision to progress, after the last referenced commercial Captain America: Civil War. The climactic battle of Infinity war saw Wanda using all her strength to destroy the Mind Stone on Vision’s head while also holding Thanos, to prevent the Mad Titan from completing the Infinity Gauntlet. Vision eventually died twice: first when Wanda destroyed the Stone (and he along with her), and again when Thanos rewound time and forcibly ripped the Mind Stone from Vision’s head. Despite being arguably the most powerful MCU hero, Wanda’s magic has been unable to save the people she loved the most.

Yo-Magic shows Wanda’s mental (and magical) instability

WandaVision Episode 5 - Wanda attacks a drone

If Wanda building a fantasy world populated by people with enslaved minds wasn’t enough to point out her current instability, the Yo-Magic commercial indicates that she is not in full control of either her mind or her magic. She is unable to fully control Vision’s mind, which in episode 6 led him to take a break for freedom. And while the origins and motives of “Pietro” are still unclear, he is also aware that Westview is under Wanda’s control and that Vision is truly dead. If the boy in the commercial represents Wanda, then the character who is trapped on a desert island alone, slowly dying and unable to save himself says sinister things about his current state of mind.

Yo-Magic’s shark could represent Mephisto

WandaVision Yo Magic Shark

WandaVision has been dropping many hints that Mephisto, a diabolical supervillain from Marvel Comics who played a prominent role in the story arc that WandaVision loosely based on, he could secretly be the puppet master behind Westview. “New Spooktacular Halloween!” duplicates these tracks, with Pietro jokingly calling the twins “spawn of demons“(in the comics they were created from pieces of Mephisto’s soul) and commenting that Westview is”lovely as hell. “Wanda herself has a void in her memory regarding the birth of her version of Westview, as if that information had been deliberately blocked.

The decidedly creepy looking shark in the Yo-Magic commercial tells the hungry boy that he survived “eating Yo-Magic.“This, combined with the disturbing image of the boy fading into a skeleton, suggests that something is taking advantage of Wanda’s magic. The hex may actually be some kind of giant magic battery, designed to divert Mephisto’s powers. Wanda while holding her If the other commercials are manifestations of Wanda’s repressed memories, the shark in the Yo-Magic commercial could be the way her mind remembers the role that Mephisto has played. With only three episodes remaining of WandaVision, the show is getting closer and closer to revealing what’s really going on in Westview, and perhaps revealing the real villain behind it all.

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