Into The Dark: Tentacles Ending Explained

The installment of Into the Dark’s Valentine’s Day Tentacles examines the dark side of love. We break down everything that happens at the end.

Warning! Spoilers for Into the Dark: Tentacles below.

Horror anthology series are common these days, but what marks Hulu In the dark apart are their monthly installments with vacation themes; the last one is Into the Dark: Tentacles and here is its ending explained. The series manages to find the dark and twisted elements of any holiday on the calendar and turn that message into a horror movie. This month, In the darkvalentine movie Tentacles explore the sometimes toxic nature of love.

The horror film follows new couple Tara (Dana Drori) and Sam (Casey Deidrick). They meet and quickly fall head over heels in love, quickly plunging into an intense relationship. The couple move in together and get engaged in a matter of months. As their relationship continues to progress, Sam begins to get sick. As she deals with the strange things that happen to her body, Sam begins to unearth dark secrets from Tara’s past.

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For TentaclesIn the end, Sam realizes how dangerous Tara is, and discovers that she was previously engaged to another man, but stole his money and ran away. Sam also discovers that he was in a relationship with a woman named Alice. Sam goes to his old house to investigate, but finds a decomposing corpse on the wall that looks just like Tara. He returns home to confront her and finally discovers the truth: Tara’s body is actually the host to a shape-shifting creature with tentacles. His body opens from a scar on his stomach, and the tentacles emerge and constrict Sam. In the film’s final moments, the creature has completely taken over Sam’s body and life, a metaphor for toxic, all-consuming love.

How do Tara’s powers in tentacles work?

Sam tentacles

The effects of Tara’s abilities take hold of Sam, apparently during important milestones in their relationship. On the night of their four-month anniversary, Sam tries to clean his ears with a cotton swab. When you take it out, it’s covered in blood. Soon after, he proposes to Tara. Almost immediately after she agrees, he is doubled over by the excruciating pain in his ear. After Sam was examined, the doctor says there was no real diagnosis in his blood work, but his white blood cells were incredibly low, as if his body was fighting a foreign invader.

That is because your body is under attack. About halfway through In the dark movie, Sam appears sleeping on the bed. A tentacle slowly approaches its ear and inserts itself inside. Early in TentaclesSam comments on a long scar running down Tara’s abdomen. She acts like she’s embarrassed about it, but the scar eventually comes back into play. During Sam and Tara’s confrontation at the end of the movie, the audience learns that the tentacle came from within; the creature watches over its victims by engaging in serious relationships with them and then taking over.

At the end of the horror movie, Alice is supposed to be the first presenter. She abruptly broke up with her boyfriend and entered into an intense relationship with Tara (then known as Lina) to gain his trust. When Lina was completely open and vulnerable with her, the creature struck her and killed her. It is the same cycle that was repeated with Sam. It is a clear metaphor for a toxic relationship. Two parties fall deeply and quickly in love with each other, so in love with each other that they are willing to ignore red flags. By the time those problems surface, it’s too late. For the victims of the original Hulu movie, that means death.

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The importance of sex in the tentacles

Tentacles sex scenes

Tara is shown to have a high libido in the Hulu horror movie. She and Sam participate in sexual acts frequently, and they are usually initiated by her. Tara always seems to find a way to turn the situation into sex. When Sam suffers a hallucination that terrifies him completely, Tara comforts him, but even that ends up in sex. When he reveals his true nature at the end of the movie, he tells Sam that he has been absorbing a little bit of his being every night. She probably initiated sex with him so often because it was the easiest way to absorb him.

The only way the creature was able to successfully grasp Sam’s body was to form a seemingly deep and meaningful connection with him. Sex is often a way that people in a relationship deepen their bond with each other. But sometimes that intimacy and vulnerability can be used as a weapon. Sam quickly fell in love with Tara, so sex was a meaningful act for him. But Tara only used it as a way to get what she wanted. It is the main reflection of a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship. Sam fully opened up to Tara, but she betrayed that trust and only used him for sex.

The true meaning of the end of the tentacles

In the dark he takes his twisted Christmas theme seriously with every movie he releases. Every installment in the horror franchise finds darkness in every holiday it covers, even one as traditionally romantic and cheesy as Valentine’s Day. Tentacles shows that not all love is healthy and positive. Some relationships are dangerous for one or both parties involved. Toxic love can take hold of you and squeeze you tight, suffocating you in the process.

That is why the use of a tentacled creature in the movie is such clever symbolism. The creature uses its tentacles to capture victims and restrain them. Once those tentacles have a strong grip on the victim, there is no way out. It is a reflection of how Tara uses her love and affection on Sam. She draws him in with the ruse of her deep and immediate connection. Once Tara has her hooks on him, she uses sex to make sure he stays. Before he knows it, her love literally consumes him. She saw the signs before that something was wrong: her best friend Esther showed concern about how quickly their relationship was moving and Sam quickly discovered that Tara was keeping secrets from her. But he ignored the signs and it cost him his life.

The horror television anthology series It sends the message that love is not always what it seems to be. Movies released around Valentine’s Day tend to show romantic and overlooked love stories. Tentacles urges his audience to be aware of the dark kind of love that is dangerously abusive and manipulative. Horror lurks in all aspects of life, even something as sought after as love. In the dark you won’t let your viewers forget you, not even on Valentine’s Day.

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