Jessie from Final Fantasy 7 Remake compared to the original FF7

A tragic backstory and a closer relationship with Cloud elevates Jessie from FF7 Remake above her character in the original Final Fantasy 7 game.

For many fans Final fantasy 7 features some of the best characters not only in the Final Fantasy series but in all games. Cloud’s main group, Tifa, Barrett, and Aerith, along with the villainous Sephiroth, are the royalty of the game. Each is iconic in its own way, but Final Fantasy 7 Remake goes further by taking minor characters from the original, like Jessie, and transforming them into characters worthy of their own game.

There is no greater example of this than the group of characters that make up Avalanche. A collection of characters missing in the early hours of the original game, FF7 remakeThe ecoterrorist group plays an important role in the development of Cloud and could potentially have a role to play in the future. FF7 remake dues. Jessie, in particular, stands out above the rest, having become a fan favorite.

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But what exactly does it do FF7 remake Jessie’s version so different from the classic 1997 JRPG? Receiving almost an entire chapter in the game dedicated to developing his backstory, as well as a significant amount of one-on-one time with Cloud that didn’t exist in the original, here’s how FF7 remake Jessie compares herself to her pixelated past.

[Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for FF7 and FF7 Remake.]

How Jessie from FF7 Remake is different from the original

Jessie asks Cloud to make a choice in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Some of Jessie’s main characteristics are present in both games: she likes tinkering, computers, and hacking, as it is Jessie who provides bombs to her Avalanche cell and access to Shinra’s facilities. His feelings of guilt over the death and destruction caused by the explosion of the Mako Reactor No. 1 are also consistent in both games, and serve as the main motivation for his character.

Apart from the above and his physical appearance, FF7 remakeJessie’s version has a lot more to it, mainly in regards to her relationship with FF7 protagonist Cloud and the way he got involved with Avalanche. At first, it becomes clear that Jessie is drawn to the mysterious ex-SOLDIER, seeking details about his relationship with Tifa and even gifting Cloud his first piece of matter to save her. He even visits Cloud’s apartment shortly after, asking for his help on a mission to sector 7. Jessie rides on the back of Cloud’s motorcycle to the plate, flirting with him along the way.

Upon reaching the plate, Jessie’s character becomes much more developed than in the original game. Seeking to acquire a weaker explosive agent for his next reactor mission, Cloud accompanies Jessie to her family home, where players are tasked with stealing Shinra’s identification cards from her father. Avalanche members Biggs and Wedge then reveal the tragic story of Jessie, one of a talented actress who aspired to act in FF7prestigious Gold Saucer. He was even offered a leading role, but just before opening night, his father, a maintenance engineer in Shinra, had an accident and fell into the mako warehouse. Although he survived, he emerged in a comatose state. Blaming Shinra for the incident, Jessie turned her back on her acting career and began studying planetology. Throughout his studies, he opposed Shinra’s gathering of mako, and later joined Avalanche as a means to oppose Shinra’s plans.

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This whole backstory is new to Jessie’s character, and serves to add a brooding tinge to her and Cloud’s interactions over the course of FF7 remake. After her mission to secure the explosive agent, Jessie rewards Cloud with a kiss on the cheek and begs him to come over to her place the next night, as her roommates will be gone. Cloud, of course, refuses.

Compared to Jessie in the original game, FF7 remakeJessie feels like a living, breathing character, one with hopes, dreams, aspirations, and a need for companionship. But Final Fantasy 7 Remake it doesn’t change anything about Jessie’s original character. Instead, it builds on him and improves on him, in the process elevating a minor character few thought twice to one fans hope to see more of in future installments.

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