King in Black: A member of the Fantastic Four could stop Knull with one hand

In Fantastic Four # 29, the first Marvel family joins the fight against Knull, and a member of the team shows a surprise advantage over the symbiotes.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fantastic four # 29, by Dan Slott, Zé Carlos, Jesus Aburtov and Joe Caramagna from VC, on sale now.

In the 2019 story “Point of Origin”, the Fantastic Four completed their original mission, traveling to the quadrant of space that they were ready to explore on the fateful flight that gave them their superpowers. Once they arrived, they explored the planet Spyre, home to the human-like alien species known as Spyricans. Like Earth, the planet had its own superhero team, the Unparalleled. It was there that Johnny Storm encountered his literal soul mate, Sky, a Spyrican with giant wings gifted with the power to fly.

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Johnny and Sky bonded to each other thanks to the Spyricans soul bonding process, which was completed with both wearing a special bracelet attached to their arm. Sky returned home to Johnny and the Fantastic Four, effectively becoming the newest member of Marvel’s first family of superheroes. For some time, he has been acclimatizing to the real world, participating in one big event after another, since Empyre to battle against the Griever at the end of all things. And now, as Knull attacks Earth in King in black, Spyrican proves that he can be instrumental in stopping the god of symbiotes.

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Fantastic four # 29 begins moments before Knull’s invasion of Earth, as shown in Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman. King in black # 1. With the battle against the Griever now over, the various team members take a little time to relax: Reed Richards restores the team house, Valeria continues to work at Forever Gate, and Johnny and Sky hang out together to get to know each other better. As the two of them talk, Sky uses another of his superpowers, one that may not exactly be useful in every fight – he’s able to talk to birds and control them.

For your date, it is a romantic and beautiful landscape, as the birds fly and chime around you. But this power has other implications as well, and it’s pretty impressive.

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After Knull arrives on Earth, the scene where Johnny Storm sacrifices himself to help Spider-Man is revisited, only this time, it’s from the point of view of his sister, Susan Storm. Almost as soon as the Human Torch is taken over by a symbiote, Sky arrives on the scene. But this is where we see the full effect of Spyrican’s Soulbinding Bracelets: Johnny and Sky are connected on such a deep level that she feels a symbiote taking over. Worse still, she also transforms into a symbiote as a result.

Once he becomes Knull’s agent, Sky uses his power to control the birds on the symbiote dragons, and it works. Suddenly, they all respond to her and she can unleash them on the Invisible Woman. This means that its power affects not only birds, but all winged creatures, as Johnny mentioned earlier in the issue. For now, Sky has used this ability as part of Knull’s army to become incredibly dangerous. But it also means that he could make a huge difference in the battle against the cosmic villain. If he breaks free from control of the symbiotes, he could use his abilities to take control of Knull’s army, and that will surely turn the tide against the god of symbiotes.

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