King in Black’s army is being decimated by Marvel’s version of Godzilla

Marvel’s own Kaiju has just been unleashed, as the Godzilla-like creature has just decimated the King in Black’s dark symbiote forces.

Warning! Spoilers for King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes # 2 below!

Marvel’s own Godzilla-esque Kaiju, the American Kaiju, has just been unleashed on the dark forces of the King of Black. In previews of King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes # 2 Corporal Todd Ziller has transformed into the patriotic monster and quickly proved himself to be a powerful tool in the battle against Knull, the God of Symbiotes.

The American Kaiju is quite a dark character in the Marvel Universe. Appearing for the first time in Avengers # 6 (2015) by Al Ewing and Gerardo Sandoval, Todd Ziller was the test subject of a special project that attempted to recreate Captain America’s super-soldier serum. However, the serum he eventually received was much more complex than the original Steve Rogers was given, as it featured a mix of different elements, including Curt Connors’ lizard formula, gamma radiation, and Pym particles. This led to Tillman becoming a Godzilla-like monster with a patriotic twist. With Knull shrouding the world in darkness, the American Kaiju comes in handy.

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In the story “American Kaiju” by King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes # 2 by Marc Bernardin, Kyle Hotz, Rachelle Rosenberg and Cory Petit, the American Kaiju is launched against Knull’s army of symbiote dragons. The monstrous version of Tillman is shown squeezing one of the dragons to death with giant clawed hands and causing massive destruction by stepping on a gas truck. Hilariously, while taking down the forces of the Symbiote God, he growls “yewwwww! Essss! Aaaayyy !!

As Tillman repeats his call to his country, his sheer size is on full display. He’s part Godzilla, part lizard, and part super-soldier. Altogether, American Kaiju might have a silly name, it’s a beast that can help Earth turn the tide against the invasion of the King of Black. While destroying symbiote dragons, he wonders if he is a monster, and the answer is obviously yes. Just look at it.

American Kaiju might have the mixed powers of Ant-Man, Hulk, and Lizard, but all of those combinations make him Marvel’s answers to Godzilla, albeit with a dumber name and love for his country. Interestingly, before American Kaiju made its comic book debut, Marvel actually owned the comic book rights to Godzilla in the late 70s, publishing “Godzilla: King of Monsters”, from 1977 to 1979. Too bad they lost the rights because a fight between the classic Kaiju and the American Kaiju would be very entertaining. For now, American Kaiju can prove its worth by taking out the King in black Army. King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes it’s in stores later this week.

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