A Redditor shared a fun fan animation of Yasuo and Sett taking Genos and Saitama’s place in a must-see mashup for fans of both.

Reddit user u / farmerrr_ recently shared a fantastic fan animation League of Legends subreddit that seamlessly merges the worlds of League and popular anime One punch man. The animation itself is not far from the content of League itself; after all, many of the champions possess abilities that would not be out of place in a shonen anime. In fact, champions like Yasuo, who is reminiscent of a shonen protagonist, have sporting abilities that allow them to teleport almost instantly to enemy locations. Unfortunately, in League, it is almost always personal.

In the case of One punch man, the show deliberately tries to circumvent some of these shonen tropes, and in many cases ends up parodying them. This is often exemplified by the show’s protagonist, Saitama, who has grown so strong that he can defeat any enemy he comes across in one fell swoop. This ability runs counter to most shonen animes, which even the most casual fans know generally involve flashy and protracted fights that become increasingly absurd as the story draws to a conclusion. In One punch manHowever, even confrontations that have accumulated for multiple episodes are almost always resolved in seconds.

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the Reddit post, which u / farmerrr_ quotes as created by YouTuber “Violent pore, ”Reenact a sparring match between Saitama and his protégé, Genos. In the original clip, Genos wishes to prove himself against Saitama’s strength only to find himself hopelessly outmatched. At the end of the fight, Saitama fakes a punch at Genos only to stop at the last moment, with the wind from his fist destroying a mountain in the background. In the fan animation, the fight is recreated with Yasuo as Genos and one of the League newer champions, Sett, like Saitama. The fight unfolds in the same way, with Baron Nashor taking the place of the mountain at the end of the animation.

This animation hits the mark on several levels. As mentioned above, Yasuo is essentially the character Genos would be in a traditional shonen anime. Second, Sett is different from many others League champions in that he uses his fists instead of a real weapon. Third, many League Players have stated that they consider Sett to be overpowered, which makes his comparison to Saitama even better. Finally, in the animation, Yasuo uses much of the same dialogue as Genos; particularly, because he’s willing to do whatever it takes to be the best, but can’t see himself beating Sett. This works because Sett, while not a tough counter for Yasuo, is an incredibly useful pick against him due to his ability to dish out damage based on how much he takes. Yasuo specializes in dealing damage while mitigating it on his own; Sett absorbs that damage and returns it.

Of course, the comparison is not 1 to 1. In fact, hardcore fans of League Y One punch man it will also immediately point out that for Sett to be more effective, he needs to take damage. This would never work for the real Saitama, as he has never suffered visible damage in the anime and has only done so once in the manga. Also, a character with Saitama’s power would break whatever competitive game he’s in, so it’s a joke choice in One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. However, animation is clearly not meant to be thought so deeply; Ultimately, it’s a fun, short video that fans of League of Legends or One punch man they owe it to themselves to prove it.

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Source: farmer_, Violent pore

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