Malcolm in the middle: the 10 worst episodes, ranked according to IMDb

When it comes to Malcolm in the middleThere is not much room for error, as the children’s pranks that were recipes for disaster were also recipes for witty comedy. What makes up the best episodes of Malcolm in the middle they are those in which the children of the family are continually at the mercy of Lois and those in which Hal acts just as badly.

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But the worst episodes of the show come when too much attention is paid to the supporting characters and when Lois is unnecessarily mean, as there is usually a method to her insanity. However, it is difficult for the program to go wrong, and although fans are looking forward to a season of revival, even the worst of Malcolm it can be enjoyed by the public, as it rarely reaches a really low point.

10 Hal coaches – 7.5

Before playing the sometimes disturbing Walter White, Bryan Cranston still played psychomaniacs, only in much more subtle ways. As the title suggests, the episode sees Hal take over coaching Dewey’s soccer team, and after seeing the team get their butt kicked, he teaches them how to play dirty.

All team members do the same and completely ignore the football aspect, choosing to rub their opponents’ faces on the ground. It’s a fun episode, but it sees every character on the show at their worst, and there’s no moral compass, as Reese and his brothers end up blackmailing their neighbor, and Piama kidnaps the Lavernia parakeet.

9 Jury Duty – 7.5

In “Jury Duty”, Lois is forced to be part of a jury that decides whether or not a man is guilty of stealing a motorcycle. Lois votes not guilty only to annoy the rest of the jury and make them stay after hours, even though she believes the man is guilty.

Meanwhile, Hal spends his time at home, jealous of Lois because he believes that she is part of a jury that is determining whether or not a man is a serial killer, and the whole case consumes him. It even has a cork board covered in newspaper clippings. It hilariously has Abe and Hal arguing about it like it’s a soap opera, but the episode just doesn’t reach the heights of Malcolm’s best.

8 Polly in the middle – 7.5

Polly is one of the most underrated characters in the series, and this episode’s IMDb score proves exactly that. Being Jamie’s hippie babysitter, Hal tries to set her up with Abe, the complete opposite of her in every way.

It’s hilariously typical of Hal to be so shortsighted that he can’t see it’s a terrible match. What’s even funnier is his choice between Abe and Craig, the two biggest bums on a show, of whom there are plenty.

7 Stilts – 7.5

Having worked at Lucky Aide for a while at this point, Malcolm had already been subjected to enough embarrassment, but “Stilts” might be the worst of all.

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Lois is one of the strongest TV moms of the day, but she goes too far when she has Malcolm don an Uncle Sam outfit and sing into a megaphone to promote the store. The highlight of the episode is again during Reese’s scenes, as he is paid $ 2,500 for drug tests, and when Hal accidentally spends $ 800 on phone sex.

6 Softball – 7.4

Being another installment where Lois torments Malcolm while working on Lucky Aide, it seems that fans of the show just don’t like these episodes as much as others. Malcolm joins the Lucky Aide softball team so he can take a break from Lois’ strict working conditions, only for her to be the boss of the entire team.

But the best part of the episode is when Reese tries to break Francis’s record by collecting the most toilet seats from a junkyard while being chased by dogs.

5 Living will – 7.4

“Living Will” is easily the most morbid episode of Malcolm in the middle in all its seven seasons, as Hal is forced to decide whether to keep a person on life support or unplug them. The humor is in Hal absolutely ripping himself apart, but it’s more depressing than anything else, especially when the family members of the person in a coma whisper about how much pain the man is in.

However, there is a funny sequence at the beginning of the episode that reveals the origins of what made Hal so indecisive in the first place.

4 Cattle Court – 7.4

There are many times when Hal and Lois were targets of a couple, and “Cattle Court” just proves exactly that, as Lois is uncontrollably cruel when she tells Craig that there is no chance they will ever end up together. But it makes Lois look like the villain once again, which has always bothered fans.

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And being in the final season when a lot of changes are taking place, there are quite a few things about the episode that don’t make sense. Although Lois won a new truck two episodes earlier, she still drives the old one, and although Reese has a job as a telemarketer in the previous episode, he works as a meat packer on “Cattle Court.”

3 Kitty’s Back – 7.2

When Kitty left her family behind to go through some crazy life experiences, it was hilarious because it was so out of character, like Kitty always was. But she was never the most exciting character, and an entire episode based on her return is a bit exhausting.

However, the episode is saved thanks to Reese’s bow as he burns his entire body and tries to take it all off at once. It is as funny as it is grotesque.

two Clip Show # 2 – 6.7

Clips show 2

Everyone knows that clip shows are considered the worst episodes of a TV series, and the only reason they existed was to complete a season when the networks were asking for more than 20 episodes at a time, and that’s why there is not one, but two. Malcolm in the middle clips show episodes. The second clip is shown near the end of the fourth season, but at least it comes with an interesting narrative that ties all the clips together.

Hal and Lois are putting together their will, and as they try to figure out which of their children gets what, they remember all the times that the four children have ruined their lives to the limit. However, as it comes only one season after the first clip, the episode is ultimately pretty pointless.

1 Clip Presentation – 6.5

Clip Show

It’s no wonder the worst show in the entire series is a clip show. There is no interesting plot surrounding the clips, as the guys are simply thrown into a psychiatrist’s office and recite a bunch of random stories to the psychiatrist.

The parts of the show that are generally the funniest, like Francis or Hal, barely appear in it, and Lois is completely absent from the episode except for the flashback scenes. And while flashbacks are fun, they are things fans have seen a million times before.

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