Married at first sight: Chris Williams drags Jamie and Doug over their comments

Chris Williams, star of Married At First Sight, recently criticized Jamie for telling Paige to “run.” It reminded him of the first time he met Doug.

Chris Williams has had enough. the Married at first sight The season 12 villain recently defended himself against the barrage of criticism he’s been receiving lately. In her line of fire were Jamie Otis and Doug Hefner, who commented on her behavior toward Paige.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hefner are OG of Married at first sight as they appeared in the first season of the hit show. They started out as Paige and Chris when Jamie had a mini panic attack when she first saw Doug because she wasn’t attracted to him. This was a point of tension during his time in his season. They eventually resolved their differences and are Married at first sight the oldest couple. They are an excellent example of looking beyond the physical.

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Chris Williams was tired of people coming from him and according to Soap dirt He decided to distribute what people had been serving him these past weeks, starting with Jamie and Doug. Chris pointed out that what Jamie had done to Doug was no different than what he had done to Paige. Chris claimed that what Jamie did was much worse, as he began to cry and shake after seeing Doug.

It all started with a comment Jamie posted below a post from the official. Married at first sight Instagram page that said, “Paige, no one would blame you if you wanted to RUN! I feel so bad for the mess you’re in!😭 Girllll, you deserve much better! “ However, Chris was not allowing it. He rushed back and refuted her statements, reminding him of the fact that she cried on her wedding day after meeting Doug. Chris then said: “Nothing anyone has done to your spouse compares to that. After the two failures in the degree? The story of redemption of you and your husband afterward is amazing, but I would think I would get a little more grace from you. “ Chris made some valid points, considering how Jamie and Doug fell in love. It took Jamie time to look beyond the physical and realize that he was a great husband, and now they are happy with two children.

The fact is, though, Chris’s timeline is still misplaced, and even before the attraction issue, he was exhibiting other red flags. The similarities between him and Jamie end where they did not find their spouses attractive and their terrible attitudes during the wedding. But a child, a baby, and a pregnant woman? That is something that cannot be explained simply. She entered the show knowing full well she had a child on the way because it was revealed that the baby mother is not her ex-fiancĂ©’s, but another woman.

Paige was dragged into a world of disorder that she doesn’t deserve to be involved in. It may stay with it and they can work it out, but it will likely go away. It’s too much baggage for someone you met less than a week ago.

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Source: Soap dirt

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