The Union, Marvel’s newest superhero team, was created to foster a sense of unity in the UK, but now the team has fallen apart!

Spoilers for Union # 2 ahead!

The Union is Marvel’s newest superhero team, formed to foster a sense of unity in the UK in the aftermath of the Brexit chaos, but after the death of their leader Britannia, it seems the team is finished, as is Knull and his dragons symbiotes. invade the British Isles. Drop in The Union # 2, written by Paul Grist, with art by Andrea Di Vito, inks by Le Beau Underwood, and colors by Nolan Woodard. The problem is in the stores now.

The team is made up of super powerful individuals, created for this series, drawn from member nations of the United Kingdom: Britannia, representing Great Britain was the leader, Snakes is from Northern Ireland, Kelpie from Scotland and Choir is from Wales; Union Jack, an existing character, functions as the team’s coach. The Union debuted with great fanfare and an attack from the symbiote god Knull. The team’s first outing couldn’t have been more disastrous: Britannia died on live television, leaving the team without a leader. And in issue two, readers can see the consequences of Britannia’s death, and it spells doom for both the team and the Union Jack!

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The Union Jack struggles to hold the team together, but the other members make it clear that they were there for Britannia, and without it, they are done. After they leave, Selwyn James, the team manager, reminds Union Jack that his contract says that Jack must function as the team leader until a suitable replacement can be found. Jack protests, telling him that the team literally abandoned him, but Selwyn tells him to get the team back together and set him up for a press conference soon, or else he will lock up Jack for the rest of his life.

The Union on the cover of The Union # 2.

Needless to say, the stakes are high for the Union Jack – you must find a way to convince Union members to not only rejoin, but also accept you as a leader, a task that is easier said than done. Definite parallels can be drawn between the situation in the Union and that facing the UK at the moment.

The Union came together to fight for an ideal, one in which the various heroes across the UK could work together and show what they were capable of: a true UK. The Union Jack has a difficult task ahead of him to reunite The Union, and it must do so soon, before the UK falls into chaos at the hands of Knull.

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