Mass Effect: Andromeda – Earning this Angaran’s trust isn’t easy, but it’s worth it

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, the Angaran have deep-seated trust issues. Winning over Pathfinder’s squadmate Jaal requires a bit of careful work.

The characters of Mass Effect: Andromeda bringing as many people from the Milky Way as they can convince to join them on their quest to find a new home, and when the game was released, many fans were hoping to meet a collective of new species. Many were surprised to discover only one intelligent race native to the galaxy, and the Angara people had been mired in total resistance against the Kett invaders for decades.

In Andromeda, Angaran resistance fighter Jaal Ama Darav volunteers to join the Pathfinder Ryder team as an observer, but not because he intends to befriend these new aliens from beyond the Heleus Cluster. Jaal and his people face the Andromeda Initiative with extreme caution, his inability to trust already tainted by his traumatic and violent experiences with the Ketts.

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When Jaal joins Tempest’s crew, his superior, Evfra of Tershaav, warns him to be prepared for anything, including his own death at the hands of these strange new people. He is instructed to guide Ryder and his crew to one of two planets: Voeld or Havari, where they can demonstrate their intentions by assisting the Resistance in their endeavors.

Interacting with Jaal is difficult, as Angara obviously has a lot of trust issues, and given her experience with the Ketts during their hostile attempt to take over the galaxy, her reaction is to be expected. Taking the time to get to know him is tough at first, but if the player hears his advice and welcomes you to join him as the team explores Havari, it softens a bit.

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In the Tempest, Jaal can often be heard over the communications system, speaking to his squadmate Liam Kosta about the similarities and differences between their cultures. As a brotherly bond begins to form between them, they even begin to share technology and ideas for unified creations that could benefit both of them in the fight ahead. Liam’s affection for Jaal is transferred to the people of Angaran as a whole, and he soon begins to do everything in his power to help them.

Jaal becomes a permanent member of the Pathfinder squad in Mass Effect: Andromeda after the player proves his intentions and his worth to Evfra. They are given the mission to infiltrate Kett’s facility on Voeld, where Moshae of Angara has been a prisoner since they took it. During the infiltration, the squad encounters numerous Angara who seem to have no desire to resist their oppressors, and a deeper exploration reveals that their resignation is part of Kett’s exaltation ritual, which turns other races of beings into Kett. .

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Jaal is horrified to discover, and rightly so, that the entire time the Angara were fighting the Ketts, they often fought their own people, transformed into Kett by exaltation. More than ever, she wants to stop the invading force that causes so much destruction to her people and her galaxy, but first they need to save the Moshae before the revered elder scientist faces the same fate many of its inhabitants faced before her.

After infiltrating the facility, Jaal is a bit cold to Ryder if the player ignores his advice and destroys Kett’s base without saving as many Angara as possible, but saving the Moshae eventually softens him enough that he begins to open up. about his family during the conversation. . The Pathfinder will create a stronger and faster bond with him if they follow his advice, but it is still possible to earn it without doing so.

Earning Jaal’s full loyalty is possible by completing his personal four-part quest, “Jaal Ama Darav, friend or foe?” The mission involves dealing with the Roekaar, an Angara gang with a volatile hatred of all aliens due to the things the Ketts did to their people. Three of Jaal’s brothers flee to join the Roekaar, and his family entrusts him to take them back. Jaal once met their leader, Aksuul, who spent a year in a Kett labor camp before escaping to muster his own resistance against anyone and everyone who dared to enter his galaxy, including the Andromeda Initiative.

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While working through the many parts of the mission, the player and his squad finally come face to face with Aksuul, who shoots Jaal. Depending on Ryder’s reaction, Jaal is thankful that the player forgives him (as Aksuul turns out to be a lousy shot from close range), or angry that he was turned into a martyr by proving his point about the aliens of the Milky Way.

Gaining Jaal’s loyalty opens up an opportunity for Scott or Sara Ryder to strike up a romance with him. He takes Ryder to meet his incredibly large family, shares details about his childhood, and eventually takes them to a special place in Aya to consummate their relationship near a waterfall.

Although Jaal is incredibly suspicious after first contact with the Andromeda Initiative, taking the time to listen and follow their advice paves the way for friendship or even romance. He is a valuable teammate in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and being a member of the only new alien race that Ryder can bring to his team, he is well worth the time it takes to get to know him.

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