In Modern Family, it’s no secret that Dylan was clueless. But Haley Dunphy’s future husband showed hints of deeper wisdom in sitcom.

Dylan Marshall dated Haley Dunphy on and off Modern Family‘s whole. Because the two of them started dating at such a young age, breaking up to experience what life had to offer was probably the smartest decision they ever made. Claire never liked Dylan, but had no choice but to tolerate him after he and Haley got married.

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Part of Claire’s reasoning for not liking Dylan is that he’s a bit of a space. Doesn’t capture basic sarcasm or family sense of humor. You are also not entirely motivated, which can be worrisome for your partner’s parents. Yet at the bottom of those confused stares and awkward questions lies a man who might be smarter than fans thought.

10 Smarter than we think: she graduated from nursing school

Dylans A Nurse With Haley - Modern Family

You have to give credit to who deserves it. Dylan started out as a musician who was going to travel the world with his band right after high school. Fast forward to season 11 and Dylan is a full-blown nurse with an incredible career. Nursing school requires hard work and dedication. It is not for the faint of heart. And yet Dylan made it possible.

9 Totally clueless: “Say whatever”

Dylan has never seen anything say - modern family

When Dylan and Haley had arguments, it usually ended with Dylan chasing Haley and getting her back. At the end of one episode, Phil saw Dylan standing on the grass in a raincoat, holding his phone over his head as he played the song he wrote for her.

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Phil complimented his work and compared him to John Cusack in Do not say anything. Dylan responded with “good morning”. He thought Phil meant literally anything … It became apparent that his actions were a coincidence.

8 Smarter than we think: he was the sensible one during Haley’s pregnancy

haley dunphy crying to dylan - modern family

Haley was shocked when she found out she was pregnant with Dylan’s baby and panicked over her life choices. Dylan, on the other hand, was completely down to earth. He was a pillar of strength and reminded her that they have known each other since they were children and that this pregnancy could be a good thing. If it weren’t for Dylan’s sense of calm during her pregnancy, who knows how much worse Haley could be.

7 Totally Clueless: His Dirty Dream About Claire

Claire and haley in bed while sick - modern family

In “Chirp”, both Claire and Haley felt bad. But before Haley left school early to spend the day in bed with her mom, Dylan went looking for her. Phil told Dylan to stay away from his wife (knowing how sick she was) and Dylan responded with “Did Haley tell you? It’s just a dream …”

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At the time, Dylan couldn’t read between the lines and see that Phil was clearly referring to his wife being ill … not because of her sexy dream.

6 Smarter than we think: he knew exactly what Haley was doing when she broke up with him

haley goes to the movies with andy and dylan - modern family

In “The More You Ignore Me” from season 7, Haley and Dylan randomly ran into Andy and Beth at the movies. After spending the afternoon together, Haley realized that she and Dylan weren’t right for each other and she had to finish it.

Before Haley could say anything other than “Dylan,” he knew what was going on: she was breaking up with him. It takes a good intuitive listener to be so in tune with someone else’s emotions, and Dylan was just that.

5 Totally Clueless: Your T-shirt Designs

Dylans T-shirt Designs - Modern Family

When Dylan and Haley got back together after she left Andy, he was involved in fashion design. He was creating his own shirts and selling them at the mall. Haley was jealous of her passion, but her t-shirts didn’t necessarily make sense … One t-shirt had a picture of a lion that said “Muu, I’m a horse.” And the others had words with Vs on them to match the V-neck cut of the shirt.

4 Smarter than we think: he encouraged Haley to go to college

With graduation right around the corner, Haley was gathering strength to tell her parents that after graduation, she would be on tour with Dylan and his band. Claire and Phil were totally against Haley giving up on school and hated the idea.

But just in time, Dylan presented a college acceptance letter for Haley that Luke had been hiding in her room. Instead of being hopeful about her travel plans, Dylan encouraged Haley to go to school.

3 Totally Clueless: “Dude Ranch”

Dylan talking to Claire at Dude Ranch - Modern Family

When the whole family went on vacation to the Midwest, Dylan accompanied her to spend time with Haley. But, as usual, Claire’s anger was too intense for him. She tried to smooth things over and went to her cabin to talk things over, but the two just couldn’t be on the same page. Claire wanted Dylan to stay for the holidays, but her phrasing confused him.

two Smarter than we think: he knew exactly how Claire felt about him

Dylan and claire in their truck - modern family

Haley’s baby shower was a delicate moment for Dylan. It can be difficult to get along with his family, and it was difficult for him to feel comfortable. At the baby shower, Dylan overheard Claire say horrible things about him. Instead of treating them as a joke, he understood the context and ran away. He held Claire accountable for her negative comments and made her realize that he is not the same boy she met years ago.

1 Totally clueless: a nurse who does not know the basic terminology

Dylan and gloria in the hospital - modern family

The whole family was excited when Haley gave birth to twins. As everyone slowly made their way to the hospital, Gloria asked Dylan about the sex of the babies. Sadly, it seemed Dylan had no idea that the word “sex” also means “gender.”

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