Phil Dunphy is much more than just a real estate agent at Modern Family, but he had his fair share of the best and worst times at work.

Phil Dunphy is much more than a real estate agent in Modern Family. He is a friend of the community and really wants everyone to find their dream home. It’s what distinguishes him from people like Gil Thorpe. Phil has had various professions over the years before settling down and having a family, but it became obvious that real estate was in his blood.

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Phil has seen it all when it comes to buying and selling property. And as a man who has been in the profession for more than 20 years, he himself has had his own ups and downs that didn’t always end in his favor.

10 The best: he stayed true to his word

neighbors in the modern family

There was nothing more devastating for the Dunphys when the family that bought the house next door was a group of people they didn’t normally associate with. The man of the house owned a marijuana distillery and they planned to put a couch in the front yard.

As much as Phil wanted to sell the house to another family, when he became a real estate agent, he took an oath to honor each offer as it came in. He had no choice but to hand the house over to the highest bidder, and sadly it was for a family he disagreed with. It was very professional.

9 The worst: when he didn’t sell a house all month

Cam coaching football - modern family

In one episode, Phil is having a bad month at work. He did not sell a house and all the offers that were presented to him failed. He felt like a failure. However, she decided to change her perspective and focus on having one more really good day at work the next day.

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He went to Cam’s soccer game to have a little fun, but sadly for him, the next day was the start of a new month. As he said, he discovered that “there was literally no tomorrow.”

8 Best: The SCARB

“Strangers on a Treadmill” was the first time viewers had heard of the annual Southern California Realtors Banquet (SCARB). Phil was usually the host of the event and referred to him as “the show”. He also advises: If you are a real estate agent in Southern California, you want to be on SCARB.

Hosting SCARB was a big deal in his career because it showed how much real estate developers respected and admired him; he put on a fantastic show too. Phil found it difficult to outdo himself year after year.

7 Worst: he tried to sell a house he didn’t understand

the boat house - modern family

In “The Day Alex Left for College,” Phil decided to take Luke with him to sell a house that “couldn’t be sold.” Phil felt a bit distant from Luke and wanted the two of them to embark on an adventure together just like old times.

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Unfortunately, Phil’s plan failed because he didn’t understand the layout of the house well enough to sell it. He even asked Luke to take clients around the house and did an even worse job. Luke had no knowledge or passion for selling that house. Overall, this wasn’t one of Phil’s best moments.

6 Better: He did the impossible and found Pepper the house of his dreams

Phil and pepper singing - moden family

Pepper Saltzman is one of the funniest supporting characters on the show. As a friend of Mitchell and Cam, he appears from time to time to shade and bring drama. But when he was looking for a new home, he went to Phil instead of the Tucker-Pritchett’s.

Phil took him to so many shows that he was wasting his time. Pepper couldn’t be sold and Phil was freaking out. Eventually, he found Pepper his dream home and even convinced him to buy it. It turned out that Pepper was having so much fun dating Phil that she didn’t want it to end. So not only did Phil win a friend at Pepper, but he sold a house.

5 Worst: he let his personal feelings get in the way of his work

Phils crushes during real estate - modern family

In “The Cover-Up,” Phil met a beautiful woman in a coffee shop who gave him her number because she was actively looking for a home. Phil was immediately captivated by her and tried to hide her stunning beauty from his wife. The more time he spent with her, the more he lied to Claire.

His trail of white lies came to an end when he found the perfect house just down the street from where Phil lived. Phil tried to talk her out of looking at the house, but found it racist. At the end of the episode, Phil let his personal feelings for the client get in the way of work, which is a no-no.

4 Better: found a niche with divorcees

phil-dunphy-and-the-divorced-women-modern-family at the grocery store

Phil has such pure intentions that others can misperceive them. After finding a niche in the sale of homes to new divorcees, it became clear that women were attached to Phil.

It all came to a head when he couldn’t keep them all in order and ran into some of them at the grocery store. However, before knowing their fate, Phil really made these women feel safe and comfortable as they shopped for a home for their new future. It was his friend rather than a real estate agent.

3 Worst: accidentally locked himself in someone’s house

Phil locked in a closet - modern family

In “A Stereotypical Day,” Phil was cleaning up after an exhibition and accidentally locked himself in a closet for 18 hours. He had neither his phone with him nor any means of escape. He had no choice but to wait in the closet until someone found him there.

Instead of forming some kind of plan, he destroyed the family pantry. He wrote on the wall, went to the bathroom in a bucket and discreetly lost mine in seclusion. The family eventually came home to find him in a strange state of shock.

two The best: He’s so good at his job, he teaches it!

phil dunphy teaches college courses - modern family

Phil loves real estate so much that he started teaching an introductory course at Luke’s community college. It all started when Phil went to visit Luke on campus and bumped into the class. He sat down to listen to the lecture and was not thrilled by what he heard. He ended up taking over the course and doing it with great success. All the students loved Phil and he showed how much he loved real estate.

1 The worst: his insomnia

phil on red alert - modern family

In “Red Alert”, Phil suffered from insomnia and it began to affect his career. He and Luke got a chance to shoot video for an amazing property, but Phil wasn’t consistent enough to get the job done. He was so dazed and tired that none of it made sense. This was exactly Phil’s professional. Only he knew how bad it felt; I should have canceled the session or rescheduled it after getting more sleep.

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