My hero academia It is not just an animated superhero series, but also a “magical high school” series, featuring the prestigious UA as the main setting. Students like Izuku Midoriya are faced with written exams, gymnastics classes, and more during the school week, and after a moment, it was time for the provisional hero license exam. Only the most worthy students had a chance.

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This test was not exclusive to UA Hero schools across Japan who sent teams of students to the UA campus to try it out, and many of them were sophomores, posing a real challenge for class 1-A. Among all these schools, which ten students stood out as serious powerhouses, passed the test or failed?

10 It took four students to thwart the plans of Saiko Intelli, the high IQ girl

This exam proved that Momo Yaoyorozu is not the only hero-in-training who uses a big brain to win the day. Saiko Intelli (who did not appear in the manga) is a student at Seiai Academy, and drinking tea will increase her IQ for a few minutes.

This is not a combat-oriented Quirk, but rather, an intangible support Quirk. With this ability, Saiko fixed a trap that was closed on Tsuyu Asui and some of her friends. It took four students from 1-A working together to thwart Saiko’s plans.

9 Denki Kaminari, the electrifying boy, can perform targeted attacks with a wrist-mounted device

Denki Kaminari may get terrible grades, but his Gift is worth taking seriously. He can generate devastating lightning bolts from his body, and when he turned to Mei Hatsume for help, he pushed his Gift to the next level.

By now, Denki could perform targeted attacks with a wrist-mounted device, and he used that power to challenge the mighty Seiji Shishikura and turn the tables. At last, Denki is putting himself on the map.

8 Tenya Iida, quick on his feet, can cross the battlefield in an instant

tenya iida my hero academia

Class 1-A’s representative is Tenya Iida, and his leadership skills and book smarts are just the beginning. He’s also a powerful runner, using his Engine Quirk to cross the battlefield in an instant and powerfully kick his foes.

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Tenya can easily avoid enemy fire with his quick footwork and kick his foes into submission, and that, coupled with his rigorous training and keen discipline, make him a worthy representative of his class.

7 Nagamasa Mora, the hairy hero, can use his hair as a weapon

One of the Shiketsu elite high school students is Nagamasa Mora, whose spreading hair is his main weapon. He is a short to medium range hero, being able to stretch his hair to form arms that grab his enemies and entangle them.

This is vaguely similar to Ibara Shiozaki’s vine-based Quirk, but given Nagamasa’s enrollment in Shiketsu and his sophomore status, he is certainly the strongest student and lives up to Shiketsu’s reputation.

6 Seiji Shishikura, the master of dumplings, prefers to win gracefully

Another Shiketsu student is the nervous Seiji Shishikura, who doesn’t just want to win; wants to be elegant and dignified all the time. Normally that’s a tall order, but Seiji’s remarkable Quirk allows him to win in style time and time again.

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Seiji’s Quirk is called Meatball and allows him to separate pieces of his meat (often his arms) and touch his enemies. Upon contact, the victim will turn into a defenseless meatball. In the hero exam, Seiji sent dozens of students this way until a trio of students from class 1-A finally stopped him.

5 Inasa Yoarashi, the hero of the whirlwind, can conjure and control drafts

Another Shiketsu student is the wind master himself, Inasa Yoarashi. He had an intense rivalry with Shoto Todoroki, and that dispute came to a head during the provisional hero license exam. Inasa was absolutely up to the challenge.

With her Quirk Whirlwind, Inasa can conjure and control dozens or even hundreds of air currents at once, from powerful gales to delicate air currents. This is a flexible and useful Quirk, and Inasa’s mastery is amazing.

4 Fumikage Tokoyami, bringer of the dark shadow, completely relies on his peculiarity

Fumikage Tokoyami relies almost entirely on his Quirk, which goes by the name of Dark Shadow. Interestingly, Dark Shadow can think and act on his own, but he usually takes orders from the Fumikage and can even come up with ideas of his own.

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It’s true that Dark Shadow is weakened by intense light, but otherwise, Fumikage is a true powerhouse. His Quirk is fast, agile, and hits like a truck, and dimmer light levels only increase his power. In fact, Fumikage took third place at the UA sports festival and won that 100% bronze medal.

3 Izuku Midoriya, The Dark Horse, wields incredible melee power

Deku in the middle of a fight

No one really knew what to do with Izuku Midoriya when he appeared in UA, but to everyone’s surprise, he wielded incredible melee power similar to All Might’s, and that’s not a coincidence. Izuku is packing none other than One For All.

At this point in the story, Izuku had learned a lot from Gran Torino, and he also had experience fighting real villains. Full Cowling greatly increases your mobility, and delivering a 5% Smash is easy. If pressed, Izuku can deliver an even bigger blow, risking further damaging his arms.

two Katsuki Bakugo, aka King Explosion Murder, Can Sweat Nitroglycerin

Katsuki Bakugo is an explosive apprentice hero, both in terms of personality and his powerful Gift. In combat, Bakugo can sweat nitroglycerin and cause sparks, creating earth-shaking detonations. The more he fights, the more he sweats, and thus his firepower grows stronger and stronger.

Bakugo won the UA sports festival, although to be fair, his latest opponent, Shoto, didn’t give it his all. Still, between Bakugo’s explosive powers, sharp mind, and rocket propulsion technique for maneuvering, he’s a serious presence on any battlefield.

1 Shoto Todoroki, half and half, can wield both fire and ice powers

Shoto Todoroki relies heavily on his Quirk, as are Fumikage and Bakugo, and how quirky he is. Even with just his mother Rei’s ice powers, Shoto can quickly overwhelm his enemies with layers of ice and walls, and can form ice ramps to slide.

Midway through the series, Shoto also began using his father’s fiery Gift, and this practically doubled his already formidable firepower. He is on his way to becoming one of the greatest heroes of his generation, and he proved it in the provisional hero license exam, even if he technically failed along with Bakugo and Inasa.

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