When Sakura was added to Team 7 along with Sasuke, she suddenly had the perfect excuse to spend more time with the boy she wanted to marry one day.

From the beginning of Naruto, it is clear that Sakura has a crush on Sasuke. Sakura is just one of many girls interested in her classmate. Sasuke didn’t mind the attention he got from the girls, but it seemed his interest in him kept growing.

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When Sakura was added to Team 7 along with Sasuke, she suddenly had the perfect excuse to spend more time with the boy she wanted to marry one day. After getting to know him better, her crush turned into genuine love. There were many times that Sakura should have given up on Sasuke, but she still loved him no matter what he did.

10 She wept over his corpse

Sakura cries Sasuke Death

On Team 7’s first mission, they encountered the deadly swordsman, Zabuza, and his apprentice, Haku. While on that mission, Naruto and Sasuke have to fight Haku. Haku is kind but incredibly powerful.

The two young genin turn out to be no match for Haku. With the help of Haku’s kekkei genkai, he is able to easily overpower his opponents. He apparently kills Sasuke, leading Sakura to cry over the death of her friend. It’s the first moment Sakura seems to express a genuine interest in Sasuke.

9 She risked her life to protect him during the Chunin exams

Naruto Chunin Exams

During Chunin’s exams, Naruto and Sasuke were injured. Sakura was left as the only conscious member of the team. She was left alone to face any threat that came her way. As the team’s medical ninja, his job would have been to help heal Naruto and Sasuke’s wounds.

His attention would have been divided between helping his comrades and looking for threats. When someone decided to attack her and her sleeping friends, she risked her life to protect them. She even cut her hair to help her escape a threat. That hair meant a lot to her, and she hoped it would make Sasuke love her.

8 He stopped slipping in the dark because of her

Naruto Chunin Exams

Sasuke, who was suffering under the effects of Orochimaru’s cursed mark, began to lose control during a fight. When the curse mark began to take over, Sasuke was turned into a ruthless killing machine.

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Sasuke was beginning to slide into the darkness. The only person who could reach him at that moment was Sakura. She hugged him and begged him to stop. He was afraid of the cruelty he had just witnessed. She continued to love him despite what she had just witnessed.

7 She took care of him when he was in the hospital

Sasuke Hospital

Itachi appears in Leaf Village trying to capture Naruto. Sasuke meets his brother and tries to kill him. Sasuke loses the fight with his older brother and ends up in the hospital. Naruto leaves to find Tsunade, a legendary medical ninja who could save his life.

As Naruto leaves, Sakura takes care of Sasuke. She accompanies him by his bed and brings him flowers. When Sasuke wakes up, Sakura hugs the broken-looking boy. She looks so relieved that after waiting by his bed for so long, he is finally awake.

6 She offered to accompany him on his journey

Naruto Sasuke leaves

Sasuke’s mission in life was to stop his brother. As time passed, he began to feel that he could not fulfill that mission while staying in Konoha. Orochimaru’s offer gave him the opportunity to leave and find a better teacher.

Sasuke was giving up everything when he left. As soon as he left, he would have officially become a lost ninja. His new status would have looked bad politically. Even though she would have been giving up everything, Sakura still offered to go with her.

5 He made Naruto’s promise to bring Sasuke back

Sakura was absolutely heartbroken when Sasuke left the village. Her world seemed shattered without him. In a moment of desperation, he made Naruto promise that he would take Sasuke back to the village.

Naruto promised to bring him back. Sakura’s best hope was for Sasuke to return to the village. She was willing to do anything to make sure he got back to his old team. At that moment, she ignored the fact that Naruto had feelings for her. He was acting out of sheer selfishness.

4 She turns her back on other men like only he has her heart

Sakura only has eyes for Sasuke. When another man confesses to her, she replies that she is already in love with someone else. Even though two years had passed, he still had a place for Sasuke in his heart.

Later, he confesses to Naruto. Naruto sees straight through her confession. He acknowledges that no matter what she says, she will only truly love Sasuke. He doesn’t even try to fall in love again.

3 She was relieved when he was redeemed

After Sasuke and Naruto’s final fight, it was Sakura who went to treat them. They were bleeding on a rock when he found them. She seemed impassive as she treated her injuries.

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Sasuke’s apology brought tears to Sakura’s face. Then she called him an idiot. She seemed so relieved that he was finally ready to return to the village. She could finally have a future with the boy she loved. In that moment he had renewed hope.

two She offered to go with him one more time on his next trip.

Naruto shippuden

A newly redeemed Sasuke was released from the Konoha prison cell where he had been held. He decided to travel the world in an effort to redeem himself. Sakura once again offered to go with him.

He rejected their company. The journey was something he needed to do on his own. He left her with the promise that one day he would return for her. Fans were finally able to see that the feelings they had for each other were mutual.

1 She marries him in the end


Sasuke wouldn’t stay out of the village forever. Soon he would return to town just for her. Sakura accepted Sasuke’s marriage proposal and begins traveling with him.

At some point during that trip, Sakura becomes pregnant with her only daughter. His marriage and the birth of his daughter complete his family. After all the pain he’d put her through, no one would have blamed her if she gave up on him. Instead, she continues to love him.

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