New Justice League Snyder Cutout Photo Shows Alfred Working On A Batmobile

Alfred tends to Batman’s impressive muscle car in a new behind-the-scenes look at Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated version of Justice League.

A new League of Justice The picture shows Batman’s trusted butler Alfred tending the caped crusader’s impressive muscle car. The image appears ahead of director Zack Snyder’s massive four-hour cut of the film hitting HBO Max next month.

League of Justice was going to be DC’s biggest movie so far, after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was a more polarizing movie than Warner Bros. had anticipated. After creative differences and a family tragedy, Snyder left the production, replaced by Avengers director Joss Whedon. Whedon’s cut from the film was a critical and financial bombshell and even led to a regime change at DC Films. The announcement that Snyder would be hired to finish his version of the film was the result of a massive fan campaign on social media to allow the director to complete his vision for the DC team film.

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The last image of the film comes through SnyderVero’s account, showing Alfred floating above the Batmobile with some spectacular lighting effects. Check it out below.

Alfred Pennyworth and the Batmobile in Justice League

The DC Extended Universe version of Alfred, played with drunken charm by Jeremy Irons, is a slightly rougher and more utilitarian version of the character. He’s a grumpy Alfred who’s been in battle with Batman for over two decades, and the weariness of that battle hangs over him as much as Batman himself. To his credit, Alfred has taken the arrival of other superpowered heroes in stride, serving as something of a coordinator for their efforts on the film’s Whedon cut.

It remains to be seen what exactly Alfred will do in Snyder’s cut from League of Justice. We know that he will have an encounter with Superman, sporting his all-black suit after his resurrection. It also stands to reason that he plays his generally advisory role to Bruce. There’s a decent chance that this is the last time we’ll see Irons in the role; Alfred will be played by Lord of the Rings Andy Serkis in the upcoming film directed by Matt Reeves. The batman. If this is his last turn as Batman’s most trusted ally, it will be a shame. Irons has been one aspect of the DCEU that virtually everyone can agree on; her performance is appropriately intense, but perfectly captures the spirit of the character. If Batman is going to leave League of Justice alive, he will need Alfred’s help.

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