Nightwing Issue 80 Gets Big With Epic New Cover

DC Comics is celebrating Nightwing Issue # 80, revealing an amazing variant cover for the book that will also feature an all-new villain.

DC Comics just revealed the art of an amazing new variant cover for Nightwing’s Issue 80 to be released in May. Not only that, but the series’ new creative team will also unveil a new villain in this very issue, ready to plague Blüdhaven and provide Dick Grayson with all sorts of new challenges in DC. Infinite border. While the former Robin has been out of the game for a while, a new era is approaching for Nightwing, one that promises to be quite entertaining and dangerous.

In recent years, Dick Grayson has been suffering from a severe case of amnesia due to a gunshot wound he received from the Russian assassin known as KGBeast. Unable to remember his past, Grayson decided to leave behind the life he no longer recognized, choosing instead to become Ric Grayson. However, Nightwing has made a comeback thanks to the return of his memories last summer. Joker War. Once the Clown Prince of Crime’s reign of terror ended in Gotham City, Grayson went to work trying to find his new normal, while also getting an unexpected rematch with the KGBeast, whose reputation had been tarnished due to the Grayson’s survival. Once Grayson took over KGBeast, it seemed clear that Dick would once again return to his role as Nighwing in Blüdhaven.

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While January and February have deviated from the present by showing readers what awaits the DC Universe in Future state, Grayson’s heroic return will resume with Nightwing # 78, watching Grayson get back on track, as he also searches for a new mayoral candidate from Blüdhaven who bears the same last name as the man who killed Dick’s parents as a child. This new arc will come from the new creative team of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, who just finished a wild race in DC. Suicide Squad. Equally, Nightwing # 80 It promises to be a big deal that will see Nightwing dealing with the new enemy known as Heartless. Here’s the cover along with the awesome Jamal Campbell variant, as well as the DC Comics synopsis:



  • NIGHTWING # 80
  • Written by TOM TAYLOR
  • Art and cover by BRUNO REDONDO
  • JAMAL CAMPBELL card variant cover
  • Dick Grayson always had a big heart. From protecting those hunted by bullies in his youth, to fighting evil alongside Batman as Robin, pledging his newly inherited wealth, and enriching Blüdhaven as Nightwing, his kindness and generosity have always guided his life. But now a new villain lurks through the alleys of Blüdhaven, tearing the hearts of the most vulnerable in the city. Who is this terrifying new menace called Heartless, and can he resist ripping out the biggest heart in all of Blüdhaven? Read this (literally) heartbreaking issue to find out!

While the synopsis certainly contains interesting information and pokes fun at the new Nightwing villain (as well as an inheritance?), The Jamal Campbell variant is incredible. Not only is it bright and colorful with the sun shining in the background, but watching Nightwing use the trapeze skills he learned from his parents to create his own symbol with the clothing lines is as fun as it is dynamic. There are some cool details too, like Superman’s shirt, Batman’s boxers, and Wonder Woman’s tank top hanging from the lines. Ultimately, this will definitely be a variant At night Fans will want to get their hands on it when the issue launches in May from DC Comics. What better way to celebrate the return of Dick Grayson as a full-blown hero?

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