Ozark: 10 characters ranked less or more likely to win The Hunger Games

The Missouri Ozarks, as shown in the Netflix series Ozark“Sounds like the perfect place to host the annual Hunger Games.” Everything seems calm and quiet, but there are many murders, intrigues and stabbing in the back every day. And just like in Panem, obstacles keep popping up as the stakes keep increasing.

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If the main characters of Ozark if they were chosen during “The Reaping” event, they would definitely provide plenty of entertainment for the wealthy citizens of the Capitol. Predicting who is most likely to win can be challenging, but an analysis of the story and character dispositions can allow an audience member to place accurate bets.

10 Charlotte

Charlotte reflects the fearful and reluctant tributes of the Hunger Games. She is not very happy to be forced to leave her comfortable life in Chicago to come to the Missouri Ozarks. He spends his days complaining and criticizing his parents. He even tries to leave the family in a moment.

As the games approach, Charlotte will be selected during the “harvest,” but she won’t be too happy about it. You will continue to complain during your time in the Justice Center and the Training Building. As soon as she leaves the Launch Room, she could simply refuse to participate and try to find an escape route out of the arena only to be killed by the Watchers for disobedience.

9 Sue shelby

The Byrdes begin seeing therapist Sue after Charlotte counseled (or rather commanded) them to do so. Things are easy for Sue when Marty is the only one bribing her to favor him, but when Wendy does the same, she gets confused and confesses to each of them.

The fact that Sue takes bribes from both of them means that she is likely to grab more weapons and supplies at the Cornucopia than she can handle. Therefore, it will be difficult to move and fight. His decision to buy a bright yellow McLaren after blackmailing Marty and Wendy is also problematic. It means you have no idea how not to attract attention. It will become too visible in the sand and will put a target on its back.

8 Of the

Del qualifies to be a professional tribute. As the executor of a cartel, he has lived his entire life anticipating situations like this. He throws Wendy’s lover Gary Sugarwood out of a skyscraper window and murders Marty’s colleagues in a ruthless manner. Such penchant for violence will earn you a few kills in the arena.

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Professional tributes are known to be arrogant and overconfident in their abilities, so they always kill them when they least expect it. That fate happens to Del when Darlene shoots him during a meeting for calling her a peasant. In the arena, Del is also likely to be killed by a member with whom he has formed an alliance or by a random tribute that he underestimates.

7 Wendy byrde

Wendy in Ozark

Wendy is scheming but careless. Marty easily finds out about her affair and even acquires her sex tape. Her lack of discretion and her impulsive decision to flee cause her lover to be murdered by Del. When she starts laundering money with Marty, she gets carried away and starts making decisions without him.

His efforts to try to sideline Marty by siding with the cunning Helen highlight a major weakness. She will make an uninformed decision that will lead to her death. Stepping on a trap? Eating the poisonous nightlock berries? Either of the two will be the cause of his disappearance.

6 Helen

Helen looks a lot like Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane from the movies. He’s just supposed to oversee things, but he gets carried away by his power and tries to take over the casino business. Her actions enrage Navarro, who kills her.

If Helen is a tribute in the arena, she will hit above her weight and be eliminated. If she’s in the Gamemaker’s lounge on Capitol Hill as a supervisor, she’ll piss off her boss the same way Crane pissed off President Snow. Therefore, it will be executed as punishment.

5 Ruth Langmore

Ruth is almost certainly the best character in the series, thanks to her no-nonsense attitude and great lines. However, he frequently makes mistakes. She helps Ben get out of a psychiatric facility only for him to end up being murdered. She is also indecisive as she continues to align herself with Marty and then declare war against him.

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His indecision could be seen early in the games, as he won’t know whether to rush to safer ground or focus on acquiring more supplies from the Cornucopia. She may be lucky enough to come out of this stage with just one wound, but her recklessness will make her face a wolf or a monkey instead of running away. The result will be sad.

4 Jonah

Jonah is as smart as his parents. He also has the courage and composure to make it to the final stages of the games. Protect your home by taking on a cartel hitman with a gun. He later goes to the cartel lawyer Helen’s house with a gun to kill her after learning of Ben’s death. His weapon skills are seen even more when he shoots a gun to impress a girl.

Given how good he is with weapons, Jonah will survive the first bloodbath at the Cornucopia and head into the woods where he will eliminate various tributes and stray dogs. Unlike his sister, Jonah adjusts very quickly to life in the Ozarks after leaving Chicago and will also feel at home in the arena after being taken out of his home district. Only something extreme like a fireball fired by the Watchers will kill him.

3 Omar Navarro

There’s a reason the general antagonist survives Mexico’s deadly cartel wars. He is very careful. She tortures Marty and plays mind games with him to make sure he’s loyal. He has hit Helen when she realizes her mind is wandering off course.

Navarro also qualifies as a professional tribute from districts 1, 2 or 4. Professional tributes love to recruit ordinary tributes with superior skills, and just as Navarro trusts Marty in the series, they likely trust him in the arena too . The two will advance to the final stages before Marty gets past him and wins.

two Darlene snell

Darlene can be disgustingly evil, but her record is phenomenal. It has more murders than America’s infamous serial killers. She shoots a feared cartel enforcer, poisons her husband Jacob with cyanide and performs a caesarean section in the jungle on an enemy’s wife, leaving her dead. He also kills 22 drug addicts and shoots the son of a mob boss in the testicles.

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In the sand, Darlene will be like a child in a bouncy castle. She will murder and injure other tributes using knives, arrows, and whatever else is at her disposal. She will fight her way through all the tough obstacles until someone who relies on brain instead of strength outshines her in cunning.

1 Marty byrde

Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde in Ozark

The pilot episode has enough evidence that Marty will last long. As Del murders his colleagues, Marty remains calm and makes him an offer that he cannot refuse. Anyone else would have sat nervously waiting to be killed or begging for their life using a clichéd phrase like, “Please don’t kill me, I have a family!” Later in the series, Marty also convinces Navarro to spare his life.

Not only is Marty too bright to die, but he also values ​​his life more than anyone else on the show. In the arena, he will not only anticipate all attacks, but he will also do a good job of convincing other tributes not to kill him. As well as being able to dodge and play authorities in the series, he will always discover how to hide, find food and treat wounds. Marty for the win!

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