Paramount’s Face / Off Writer Clarifies Project Is A Sequel

It has been clarified that the new Face / Off project from writers Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard is not a remake or reboot, but rather a sequel.

Screenwriter Simon Barrett revealed that the new Face / Off His and writer / director Adam Wingard’s project is not, in fact, a remake or reboot, but rather a sequel to John Woo’s original 1997 action film.

“Adam clearing things up a bit on Instagram … Face / Off It is a miracle movie, we would never directly attempt to recreate its magic, but we are very excited about what we have planned, “Barrett said on Twitter along with a photo from a Wingard Instagram post. The caption for Wingard’s Instagram post read: “I would never imagine or redo Face / Off. It is a perfect action movie. Simon Barret and I are writing a direct SEQUEL! “

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It was recently announced that Wingard, director of Godzilla vs. Kong, will take the helm of this new Face / Off production. Previously, he was attached to Oren Uziel to write the project, but now Wingard is reported to be co-writing the script with his frequent collaborator Simon Barrett. The reinvention will be in charge of Neal Moritz and David Permut. No casting has been announced for the film.

The original Face / Off starring John Travolta as FBI Special Agent Sean Archer and Nicolas Cage as terrorist leader Castor Troy. The plot revolved around Archer undergoing face transplant surgery to assume Troy’s identity and discover the location of a bomb. However, things go awry when Troy wakes up and uses the same transplant to take on Archer’s identity. The over-the-top action film was a critical and box office success. It was the biggest hit for director John Woo, who also directed Mission: Impossible 2 and Hard Target.

No release date has been set for the Untitled. Face / Off continuation.

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