Paranormal Activity 7 Gets Director Will Eubank Underwater

Underwater director Will Eubank has committed to directing a reboot of the Paranormal Activity 7 franchise. The horror film is scheduled for a March 2022 release.

Paranormal Activity 7 has enlisted Will Eubank to direct a reboot of the found footage franchise. The original by Oren Peli witchThe theme-inspired horror movie caused a sensation in 2007 when it managed to terrorize viewers using only home videos and security camera tapes. The resulting supernatural smoldering generated a series of low-resolution ghostly encounters. Due to their low-budget filming method, both the first film and the series have been extremely profitable.

The first four films in the franchise focus on a family’s inability to escape a demonic presence, beginning with Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat (the actors’ real names), a couple living together. Subsequent prequels retrace the haunted history of the Featherston family in different parts of the country, while the fourth film progresses to haunt Katie’s cousin. A derived series that includes Paranormal Activity: The Marked Y Paranormal Activity: The Phantom Dimension branches out to document supernatural encounters unrelated to the Featherston spell. In June 2019, Paramount Pictures announced their plan to produce Paranormal Activity 7 with Blumhouse Productions. The scheduled release date of March 19, 2021 was pushed back to August 2020 when production was delayed due to the pandemic.

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Eubank has signed on to direct the seventh installment of the series, according to THR. The director has three sci-fi roles to his credit: Love, a drama lost in space, The signal, an independent thriller, and Submarine, an action horror film starring Kristen Stewart. The latter was Eubank’s first film for a major studio, 20th Century Fox, as well as the filmmaker’s first foray into the horror genre. Plot details have yet to be revealed, but the film is rumored to be an “unexpected modification” of the franchise. It is likely to remain true to the use of the series of images found.

Eubank will direct a screenplay written by Christopher Landon (Happy death day), who is also an executive producer. Landon wrote or co-wrote the scripts for Paranormal activity 2-4 Y The marked, the last film in which Katie Featherston appears. Oren Peli has returned to executive producer along with Blumhouse’s Jason Blum and Steven Schneider. Paramount has rescheduled the restart for March 4, 2022.

As home video technology has progressed over the years the series has been around, the movies have reflected the evolving nature of amateur videography using images from webcams and cell phones. Peli specifically prioritized realism in the first film, an approach that proved successful in eliciting sheer fear in viewers. It will be interesting to see if Paranormal Activity 7 it reflects how people are currently capturing their lives on film and communicating virtually during the pandemic. Someone experiencing a demonic spell today would theoretically have a camera ready to document it, as well as a virtual audience of friends and strangers. That person could also be quarantined with a ghost. This could become the scariest TikTok ever created.

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Source: THR

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