Pokémon must stop renaming the same animals

Pokémon has trouble renaming normal animals and pretending they are new creatures. It’s time for Game Freak to stop plagiarizing animals.

With almost 900 different species of PokemonThere are likely some traps, but a large number of these so-called Pokémon are normal, everyday animals. Sure, some Pokémon are anthropomorphic ice cream cones or literally piles of garbage, but the worst Pokemon The designs are those that are indistinguishable from a common household pet. Game Freak must stop renaming the animals themselves and stop playing with them as new creatures.

First Pokemon The games were released in 1996 and introduce players to the original 150 Pokémon. A new generation is released every two to three years, with each adding around 100 Pokémon to the National Pokédex. Pokémon: sword and shield brought the franchise to its eighth generation and brought the total number of Pokémon to 898. Over the past 25 years, Game Freak has created some incredible Pokémon designs, from Greninja to Gardevoir to Rayquaza, but there are still hundreds of Pokémon that make them trainers feel like they are capturing a stray pet.

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This possibly lazier method of designing new creatures has to end. Pokemon fans deserve better than being subjected to the same Route 1 birds and squirrels over and over again. There are already a ton of cats and dogs in the world of Pokemonand there are many boring fish in the sea. Pokémon are supposed to be these powerful creatures that defy a player’s imagination, and it’s time this 25-year tradition of renaming the same animals over and over again came to an end.

Pokémon shouldn’t just be animals with strange names

pokemon yamper dog

Gen 1 is possibly the most unique generation of Pokemon, and that’s not just because it was the first. When taking a look at the original 150 Pokémon, the vast majority are their own creature that cannot be compared to a real animal. When a player looks at Kanto’s Pokémon, it’s hard to tell where the creator was inspired by. Of course, there are still Pidgeys, Seels, and Magikarps that are blatant real-world animal scams. However, Gen 1 is what started it all, and most of the designs are intriguing enough to give it a go.

The real problem with From Pokémon The incessant need to rename the same animals arises when looking at subsequent generations, namely Gens 5 – 8. Bird Pokémon such as Pidove, Rookidee, and Fletchling can be seen flying through anyone’s front yard. Lillipup, Yamper, and Rockruff would be considered generic dogs even in the real world. Rodent Pokémon like Bunnelby and Skwovet are by far the most boring designs. And let’s not forget From Pokémon Gen 5 fossils, which are just a turtle and another bird.

This epidemic of uninspired Pokémon designs worsens with each generation, the most heinous of which is Generation 8. Pokémon: sword and shield adds 81 “new Pokémon” to the Pokédex, and a lot of them are just normal animals. The three starters are a frog, a bunny and a monkey. Route 1 has a squirrel, a bird, a fox, and a sheep. Along the way, players will find turtles, more birds, and a couple of fish. The two main Legendaries are just dogs, and they’re not as unique as the Gen 2 trio of elemental dogs. As for the post-game Mythics and Legendaries, players can expect to capture a bear, a chimpanzee, and a two-man. horses.

For the moment Pokemon hits Gen 10, Game Freak could also be developing the sequel to Nintendogs at its current rate. That doesn’t mean that Pokemon still doesn’t create memorable creatures like Dragapult or Toxtricity, but no one wants another Pokemon that looks exactly like your grandmother’s cat. The National Pokédex would be much more interesting if Game Freak stopped filling it with normal animals.

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