Possible Unique Features of Facebook Smartwatch

While a Facebook smartwatch may raise privacy concerns, it could also be an opportunity for the company to innovate in ways that others cannot.

News that Facebook you’re working on a smartwatch raises the question of what features the device might have. It has already been suggested that the device will be based on Android and will have messaging, health and fitness functions. Facebook, however, has a huge user base, a wealth of existing features as part of its platform, and a wealth of user data that you can leverage to do something that no other company could.

Naturally, any such device will raise privacy concerns. Facebook’s ongoing dispute with Apple has served to remind people of how much user data it collects and to get people to reconsider what is reasonable in terms of data collection. However, Facebook also has a long history of innovation, with features like newsfeeding, photo and video sharing, and friend and location tagging introduced first, early, or in a new way.

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The question is, how could Facebook apply its innovation capacity to a smartwatch? Like Information He says, the device is an attempt by Facebook to gain a foothold in the “next computing platforms after smartphones”, the company will surely want to differentiate itself from its competitors in ways that only it could. To do that, he only needs to make use of the things that are already unique to him.

What features could a Facebook smartwatch have?

Family using a Facebook portal device

It has already been suggested that messaging will be a major part of the rumored smartwatch and we could expect Facebook’s existing Messenger platform to be deeply integrated into the device. However, the company now also has experience working with Portal’s voice command and video capabilities, which it could integrate into a smartwatch to create the most powerful wrist communications device available to consumers.

The other main focus of the smartwatch is said to be health and fitness. While this is already a competitive market in terms of devices and services, Facebook has the advantage of having an existing user base of almost 3 billion. This means that you could create a community based on the health and fitness tracking features of a smartwatch that would immediately be one of the biggest and that you could pit friends against each other for motivation like no other company can.

Even in terms of more mundane features, Facebook has the ability to differentiate itself from the competition. Proximity alerts can be given for close Facebook friends. Your event platform could provide reminders and directions for venues. Facebook’s Watch video platform could offer content relevant to a user’s watch while on the go. Users could even stream to Facebook Live from their wrist. The resources Facebook has to draw on are such that any smartwatch it develops could be a truly innovative device. However, privacy concerns will persist.

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