Promethea: How the DC Universe Absorbed Alan Moore and JH Williams III’s Hero

Although Promethea was originally a standalone character created by Alan Moore and JH Williams, it eventually crossed over into the DC Universe.

It’s no secret that the DC Universe sometimes sucks other characters from different publishers into its ranks. This is how the WildStorm Universe merged with DC, adding a new dimension to the existing universe. Another merger occurred during 2018 Justice League of America run. During a battle with the Queen of Fables, Tsaritsa, the League met and allied with Promethea, the main character from 1999. Promethea comic created by Alan Moore, JH Williams III and Mick Gray. Her arrival was brief, but it established her as an extremely powerful character who was largely responsible for enabling the Justice League’s victory over Tsaritsa.

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Promethea made her comeback at the end of Justice League of America # 23 by Steve Orlando, Neil Edwards and Clayton Cowles. After Tsaritsa returned to the material plane with the help of Killer Frost, he captured the rest of the Justice League and apparently killed Vixen. His ultimate goal was to build a gateway to Immateria, the realm of imagination. Once inside, he planned to take control of the minds of all living things that existed and reshape them in a way that he found most suitable.

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The League did their best to stop her, escaping from their shackles to fight Tsaritsa and his army of Lumberjacks. But they couldn’t stop the door from opening. However, this was not the end, as while Tsraitsa was desperate to enter the realm of imagination, ironically she had lacked enough imagination to conceive that there might be someone waiting on the other side of the threshold. And while Tsaritsa was trying to enter this new world, Promethea came out the door and attacked her.

Promethea is the champion of imagination and creativity, first introduced as a girl whose family was attacked by a Christian mob in the 5th century AD due to their belief in the old gods. Promethea fled to the forest at her father’s urging, hoping that her deities would protect her daughter while the mob killed him. Her prayers were answered when Promethea was saved by Thoth-Hermes, who took the girl to safety in Immateria, the realm of the imagination. Here she would live forever not just as a child, but as a story that would never truly die. Thus, Promethea was forever linked to Immateria, becoming the guardian of human creativity.

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Centuries later, a young college student named Sophie Bangs was researching the myth of Promethea, whose name was constantly reappearing in literature and pop culture. Her search led her to Barbara Shelley, current Promethea, who later passed her abilities to transform into the legendary warrior to Sophie. As Barbara explained it, Promethea is called into the world when someone uses their imagination to make it real. Sophie is the latest in a long line of women throughout history who have taken up the legendary mantle.

And it seems that Sophie has kept Promethea as the guardian of the imagination. She was unwilling to allow Tsaritsa to enter Immateria, for she considered the Queen of Fables unworthy of such a place not only because she was evil, but because she lacked imagination. His intervention gave the Justice League enough time for Killer Frost to see the error of their ways and stop Tsaritsa. It was kind of a deus ex machina, but it was certainly an epic fight. And it also added another facet to the rich tapestry of DC cosmology.

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