There is a fine line between being a hero and a vigilante, and crossing this line can quickly lead to being treated like a villain. Some characters clearly stand to one side of the line, while others walk it like a tightrope. And then there are a handful of characters who are very disinterested in such distinctions, people like The Punisher, who will happily blow the entire line with a metric ton of C4 and a death count so high that no sane person could ever consider. his heroic actions.

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Whether speaking of heroes, antiheroes, vigilantes, or something else entirely, some comic protagonists find themselves locked up in prison with the very villains they generally oppose. While The Punisher is an obvious example, he is far from the only person who spends time behind bars.

10 The Punisher was locked up on Ryker’s Island by the criminals he murdered

Frank Castle became The Punisher after his family was killed in front of him during a mob attack gone wrong. However, he was on his way to losing himself long before. During his three tours of Vietnam, Frank did and saw things that people never return to, and he carries these memories with him to this day.

Shortly after his first appearance as a Spider-Man villain, Frank is locked up at Ryker’s by the criminals he murdered. In prison, he attacks other prisoners (without seeing the irony of this). Despite this, he is finally released. Over the years, he has returned to jail numerous times. In the story “The Cell”, he intentionally allows himself to be arrested in order to reach the five members of the mob responsible for the death of his family. He has been detained by the Avengers for his terrorist activities and imprisoned by the Hydra terrorist group for persecuting its members. In the near-future story “Punisher: The End”, he even sits in prison as a nuclear war destroys the world.

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9 Wonder Woman was arrested in the Hague for breaking Lord’s neck

Maxwell Lord is a former ally of the Justice League who used his wealth to help fund the team. He eventually develops latent superpowers, and uses them to mentally control Superman, forcing the Man of Steel to serve him as a personal weapon.

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Unable to stop Lord (who has all the powers of Superman as long as he controls the Kryptonian), Wonder Woman battles her partner Justice Leaguer in one of the most desperate battles of her life. She is briefly able to incapacitate Superman and seizes the opportunity, breaking Lord’s neck before she can force the Kryptonian to do more damage. For this action, Wonder Woman is detained in The Hague.

8 After Matt Murdock is exposed as Daredevil, he is arrested and sent to Ryker’s Island.


Despite his public exposure, Matt continues to pretend that he is an ordinary blind man with no powers. He is attacked by numerous criminals, as almost all the super criminals locked up with him want to slide a knife between his ribs.

Eventually, The Punisher is arrested (because, of course, The Punisher does) and helps Matt escape. The Punisher then takes full responsibility for this escape and eventually Matt clears his name when he sues New York City for locking him up.

7 During “Bruce Wayne, Murderer?”, Batman was framed for a murder he did not commit.

DC Batman Bruce Wayne Killer Spotlight

Like a flying billionaire running around hitting people while wearing bulletproof vests and paramilitary gear, it’s honestly surprising that Bruce Wayne didn’t spend most of his life in prison. But he has been jailed several times.

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During the story “Bruce Wayne, Murderer?”, He is framed for a murder he did not commit, and has no alibi as he was doing vigilante work at the time the murder occurred. More recently, Bane detained him on Santa Prisca Island in a cell that was flooded by the incoming tide.

6 After a brief period in lockdown during the Civil War, Steve Rogers was assassinated out of court.

Infamous marvel Civil war The story divides the superhuman community in two when Tony Stark backs a bill that requires all people with superpowers to register their identities with the United States government. Steve Rogers opposes this invasion of privacy. In all his capacity as Captain America, he calls for anti-American law, for which he is hunted by the United States government in an act of retaliation.

The superheroes rally around each of the two figures and eventually both sides go to war. Tony Stark further undermines his moral credibility when he builds a Guantanamo Bay-style black prison in the Negative Zone. And then create a cyborg clone of Thor who assassinates the hero Goliath. When he betrays Spider-Man, taking on the pro-Registration forces, he struck the wall-crawler on the brink of death. Despite having the moral authority, Steve Rogers surrenders. After a brief period in prison, he is assassinated outside the courtroom.

5 Bucky Barnes was locked up in an old Soviet-style gulag after the Russian government demanded that Bucky be extradited to them.

Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes in Marvel Comics

During his time as the Winter Soldier, Bucky committed numerous war crimes. He was brainwashed and therefore he was not in control of his faculties, but that does not get back the people he killed.

When Steve Rogers dies at the end of Civil war, Bucky becomes the next Captain America. However, the Russian government is demanding that Bucky be extradited for his past crimes. This is actually part of a political plot by his enemies to undermine him, and Bucky is locked in an old Soviet-style gulag, where he is tormented and forced to fight in gladiatorial matches against other prisoners.

4 The prison guards treated John Constantine with sadistic cruelty

“Hard Time” is one of the most heartbreaking moments Hellblazer stories, centered on John Constantine’s time in a United States maximum security prison. Unlike superhero comics, the Hellblazer The series does not try to hide the horrors of the prison. It shows all the brutal details of torture, assault and murder.

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The prison guards treat John with sadistic cruelty that not even other inmates can achieve. However, John is a charismatic con man and a top-tier magic user who uses all his wits and power to survive. Soon, he finds himself in the inner circle of the man who runs the place. A short time later, the entire facility is in an uproar and begins to burn, while Constantine sits in the middle of the chaos.

3 After what XO Manowar survived aboard the prison ship Vine, it is doubtful that any prison on Earth could do him much harm.

Valiant’s time-displaced Visigoth, XO Manowar, has been imprisoned multiple times. During the 4th century, he was taken prisoner by aliens known as Vine, who enslaved him aboard one of their ships and kept him locked up in a cell. Returning to Earth, the United States stops him after he invades Romania with a Vine spaceship.

More recently, he’s getting into trouble with the NYPD over their decision to stop two cops from shooting a pair of teenagers. Of course, after what he survived aboard the prison ship Vine, it is doubtful that any prison on Earth could do him much harm.

two Dr. Aphra was imprisoned by the Empire aboard a prison frigate


Almost immediately after Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, they used another of their properties, Marvel, to begin releasing Star Wars comics. One of the first original characters to emerge from this is Doctor Chelli Aphra. The story “Rebel Jail” is about Leia detaining Aphra in a prison that is attacked. More recently, Aphra is imprisoned by the Empire aboard a prison frigate.

While there are many other Star Wars Characters who have seen the inside of a jail cell (including Princess Leia), Aphra is a character born from the comics.

1 The Man of Steel has many enemies and they have done their best to imprison him

Superman and the ghost zone

It’s a pretty safe bet that no conventional prison cell can house Superman. However, the Man of Steel has many enemies, and they have gone to great lengths to imprison him (at least, when they are not working to kill or discredit him).

Probably the most important prison to have held him is actually the Phantom Zone. This alternate pocket dimension was once used by Kryptonians to hold back their most dangerous criminals. Unfortunately, some of those criminals do escape from time to time, and they have been known to lock up Superman instead.

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