Real World Reboot Underway With Original New York Cast

MTV’s reality series, The Real World, will soon return to the screens via Paramount +, thanks to a deal with ViacomCBS.

The CBS All Access streaming service is in the process of a major rebrand. It will soon be relaunched as Paramount +, providing the user with a host of new shows, such as MTV. The real world.

According to a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter, ViacomCBS is closing in on a deal that will lead to the return of The real world, which aired its latest series, The real world: Atlanta, on Facebook Watch. The revival series, Homecoming from the real world: New York, will launch alongside the upcoming streaming service on March 4.

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MTV Entertainment Group President Chris McCarthy stated: “MTV’s The Real World is credited with creating the reality TV genre and was one of the first series to address important and yet unrepresented issues of the time, since HIV / AIDS, race, gender, orientation and religion. ” He added: “Given that Paramount + is home to so many successful franchises in global reality, it seems fitting to bring back the franchise and the cast that started it all.”

Homecoming from the real world: New York watch the return of the cast members of the first series, The Real World: New York, and explore how the series impacted them. These cast members include Becky Blasband, Andre Comeau, Heather B. Gardner, Julie Gentry, Norman Korpi, Eric Nies, and Kevin Powell.

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Source: THR

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