Resident Evil Village is ‘best survival horror game to date’, claims Capcom

Capcom producer Peter Fabiano has shared his thoughts on Resident Evil Village and proclaims it to be “the best survival horror game to date.”

Prior to Resident Evil 8: Townlaunching this spring, a Capcom producer has claimed that it is “the best survival horror game to date.”Capcom recently held a showcase for Resident Evil 8, the latest game in its famous and gruesome franchise. Along with the exclusive Maiden demo for the PS5, fans were able to enjoy a new trailer for the game that gave them more insight into the fate of Ethan Winters.

Resident Evil 8 follow from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which saw Ethan Winters and his wife Mia escape from the Baker house and all the mutant horrors that were within. Various gameplay trailers for Resident Evil 8 have revealed that Ethan and Mia Winters moved to a snowy place in Europe after the events of Resident Evil 7, and that the couple now have a girl; Rosemary. Sadly though, this idyllic setting is quickly ruined, when Chris Redfield shows up and shoots Mia … and proceeds to kidnap Rosemary. It is still unknown for what, for whom or why.

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In a recent interview with PlayStation Official Magazine (via wccftech), Capcom producer Peter Fabiano has talked more about Resident Evil 8and what fans can expect from this latest title. Playing like Capcom’s Demonic resident all teams have worked together on Village, with its conception beginning before Resident Evil 7 Even out of the gate, Fabiano proclaimed that all teams became “quite attached”To protagonist Ethan Winters. As such, they wanted to continue their story arc with their players. This care and affinity for the character has helped maintain the “… vision on target,“In what Fabiano affirms the team” … consider the best survival horror game to date. “

RE Village Chris Redfield with coat

In the same interview, Fabiano further confirmed that Resident Evil 8 is very inspired by Resident Evil 4. This is great news for longtime fans of the series; RE4 It is (for now at least) the most acclaimed title in the franchise, with an impressive 96 score on Metacritic. Fans are already delighted with the return of the merchant character that was first encountered in RE4, though this time Capcom has come under fire for its shame trope. Unlike the merchant of Resident Evil 4, the merchant in RE8 (AKA The Duke) takes on an incredibly plump figure, which literally sees him explode not only from his clothes, but from his cart as well.

Only a few more months to wait until Resident Evil 8 makes its long-awaited debut on consoles. However, between now and then, there is promise of an additional demonstration. Slated to launch across multiple platforms, little else is known about what Capcom has up its sleeve for its next trailer. While the Maiden demo raised the pulse with its visuals, its spooky atmosphere, and the internet’s beloved Lady Dimitrescu, Capcom has never hidden the fact that Castle Dimitrescu is only a small part of what Resident Evil Village it will cover as a whole when it is finally released. This leaves a lot of map potential and scope of play yet to come.

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Resident Evil Village It will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC on May 7, 2021.

Source: PlayStation Official Magazine (via wccftech)

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