RetroMania Wrestling: trailer, plot, release date and news to know

Retrosoft is throwing its hat into the ring with RetroMania, an upcoming fighting game that features some of the greatest wrestlers in the world.

RetroMania Fight seeks to fill the hole in the form of professional wrestling in the hearts of the players. With AEW games still in development and WWE 2K problems, RetroMania could emerge as a true contender for grappling fans.

Beyond being part of a neglected sub-genre, the game has an added nostalgic appeal. It is the official sequel to the classic. WWF WrestleFest arcade game. This is what you need to know RetroMania before its launch.

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I like Fire Pro Wrestling World before that, RetroMania Fight could distinguish itself as a real alternative to WWE and AEW games. Whether he can fulfill that potential depends on whether fans find his classic arcade game satisfying in the 21st century. There should be room for an arcade fighting experience, even with WWE 2K Battlegrounds occupying a similar space.

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Johnny Retro is the star of RetroMania‘s history mode. As the story begins, Retro is recovering from an injury at wrestler Stevie Richards’ gym. Retrosoft keeps the details close to the vest, but they promise character appearances from the classic. Mat mania arcade game in addition to the game list. The game will involve some level of choice, suggesting branching paths.

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The list is the most important part of any wrestling game. It is essential for a game like RetroMania, which is not licensed for a licensed product such as a WWE or AEW game. RetroMania It also won’t ship with a fighter creation mode to add your favorite and original creations. The developers at Retrosoft Studios have said that the feature could be added after launch. Additional fighters, including female stars, could also be added as DLC.

RetroMania features current Billy Corgan National Wrestling Alliance Champion Nick Aldis, as well as NWA-themed arenas. The Aldis title will be up for grabs in “Ten Pound Gold” mode. Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promo will also be part of the game, with ECW alumnus Dreamer and the nWo parody Blue World Order as well.

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The rest of the roster is a mix of active fighters and legends. The side of the legends includes the Road Warriors, Austin Idol and Nikita Koloff. While the late Hawk and Animal have appeared in games since the 1980s and Koloff appeared in a Legends of wrestling game, this is the first official appearance of Idol.

The current active wrestlers come from various wrestling companies, reflecting how long the game has been in development. It is not the crossover that All Elite Wrestling has been preparing, but it is an interesting display of fighters. New Japan Pro Wrestling talent Jeff Cobb and Zack Saber Jr., AEW’s Colt Cabana, Impact Wrestling’s Brian Myers and Matt Cardona, and indie star Warhorse will be on the launch roster. Impact’s Chris Bey will be available as post-launch DLC.

Even current WWE wrestler John Morrison is part of the game, under the ring name Johnny Retro thanks to a deal made prior to his return to WWE. Like his career outside of WWE, where he went for names like Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground, take an appropriate last name for your promotion.

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Types of matches

As important as By RetroMania list are their match types. A wrestling game with just vanilla one-on-one matches would be pretty boring. Fortunately, RetroMania It offers some variety beyond individual matches.

Team matches can have up to four men on each side. There are also triple threat and fatal four-way matches. There’s even a “Retro Rumble” match reminiscent of WWE’s annual Royal Rumble match, a battle royal where the wrestlers have staggered entries. Matches can be modified with knockout and tornado rules and there’s even a Steel Cage option.

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Release date

RetroMania It will be released digitally on PC, Switch, and next-gen consoles on February 26. It can only be pre-ordered on Steam and Nintendo eShop at this time. Customers can also reserve a “Digital Plus” edition of the game, which includes a box, full-color instruction manual and stickers. It does not come with a physical copy of the game. Physical copies are in the works from Limited Run Games, but there is no release date for them.

The release of the game will be crucial to Retrosoft’s future plans. Wrestling fans will be able to find out for themselves if the game has what it takes to rise above jabroni status by the end of the month.

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