Rick and morty is one of the most inventive science fiction shows of the modern age. Outlandish, fun, and full of totally bizarre ideas, the series has gone from strength to strength as its fifth installment continues production, with the goal of launching sometime in the near future.

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However, one of the most overlooked elements of the show is the places that Rick and Morty actually visit. The quirky characters and settings often take center stage, but the planets on which these adventures take place are truly the unsung heroes of the piece. While many of the best episodes take place on Earth, there are also a host of other planets that have been explored.

10 Honorable mention: The Micro Worlds

Although technically not planets, it’s hard to ignore the micro worlds Rick created to power his car. With an entire civilization shrunken so small that the human eye cannot even see it, problems began to arise when they refused to do the work themselves.

Therefore, each new world created a smaller one to feed its own planet. It is not known how many planets were linked to this infinite line of endless micro civilizations. Interestingly, each world had a version of the society that Rick had created, but they all had their own quirky differences that contributed to the nature vs. nurture argument.

9 Bird world

bird world rick and morty

One of Rick’s best friends turned out to be an alien named Birdperson. Now, passing through the villainous alter-ego Phoenixperson, Rick’s old friend is far from the bird he had first met. Birdperson’s home planet is briefly seen on the show.

Unsurprisingly, the planet is perfectly designed for a bird-like species. Despite their advanced technology (egg-shaped hologram projectors, for example), species have actually built their structures in trees, just as their delegate cousins ​​on Earth would.

8 Froopyland

Rick and morty from Froopyland

In the incredibly strange episode, “The ABC’s of Beth, ” It is revealed that for much of her childhood, Rick’s daughter spent time on an artificial earth that he created. The planet is a land of absolute fantasy, designed for any child with an active imagination.

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From the strange creatures to the castles to the fairytale designs, it’s clear this was all created with Beth’s former self in mind. Rick mentions it briefly, though it is often overlooked; other Ricks across the Multiverse created their own versions of Froopyland for their Beths. So it is not known what horrors they may contain.

7 Rick’s bathroom planet

Rick's planet of poop

In the season four episode “The Old Man and the Seat,” Rick quietly escapes to an unknown planet for a moment of peace. Turns out this location contains a secluded bathroom for Rick.

Rick must have been using the planet for several years thanks to the technology he has built there and he thinks he is the only one using it (besides a second secret user). That means not only has Rick constantly hopped onto the planet throughout the show, but there must be hundreds across the galaxy for the other Rick’s to go to the bathroom in peace.

6 Alphabetrium

Alphabetrium Rick and Morty

There once was a rapper named Iced-T who rose to stardom on Earth. He was finally allowed to return to his home planet, from which he was exiled and became his truest form: Water-T. That planet was Alphabetrium, home to the rivals of the Numbericons.

The planet is based on strict advice and is designed with the alphabetic symbols that represent the species. The interesting thing about the species is that, despite being an alien planet, it has people who look like all kinds of alphabets on Earth; not just the English language.

5 On a Cob planet

On a planet Cob Rick and Morty

It may not matter where they establish their family, the toxic relationship between Beth and Jerry means that they will have some trouble getting along. However, On A Cob Planet might not be the best place to start over.

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As the name suggests, absolutely everything on this planet is shaped like a cob. In reality, the planet relies on this structure at a completely microscopic level. Fortunately, there is a lot of food and this is one of the many worlds in the galaxy that resembles Earth; even if the cobs are invading the place.

4 Unit

Planet of Unity Rick and Morty

It’s very rare to see Rick in a vulnerable place, but that’s what happened when the surprisingly heartbreaking relationship between him and Unity began to unfold. The backdrop to this was the planet Unity had taken over, initially against the will of its inhabitants.

The strange thing about this planet is that it is currently uninhabited in the Rick and morty universe. Without Unity’s control, they would quickly descend into a race war. Once Unity decided to leave the planet, their species completely disappeared. Did they kill each other or did something more mysterious happen?

3 Planet Sun Screaming

Screaming Sun Planet Rick and Morty

It may seem like a rather strange name, but this Earth-like planet has been given the nickname for a reason. The 42-hour days are filled with one thing: a screaming sun, drowning out every other noise in this world.

It may look pretty and idyllic, but it seems that this star is in incredible pain from burning. The planet is devoid of life, which is strange considering it has all the necessary components. It is likely that as soon as a species evolved, it moved away from the horrible noise.

two Planet Squanch

Planet Squanch Rick and Morty

Squanchy’s home planet is also the place where Birdperson and Tammy decided to celebrate their wedding. That is, of course, until he was ambushed. The planet itself is one of the strangest in the universe.

Since the inhabitants of the planets are feline people, the houses actually resemble the toys of the felines on Earth. However, the planet’s plants are very dangerous and some are capable of sucking the blood of humans.

1 Post-apocalyptic land

Rick and Morty Mad Max

There are many Earths in the multiple dimensions that appear in Rick and morty and Rick, Summer and Morty end up in one that looks suspiciously like the world of Mad Max. This post-apocalyptic Earth is complete with a kill zone and a resource problem.

This planet actually has a number of mutant creatures that roam free. The remaining humans sometimes hunt them for sport. This is a fate similar to some of the other Earths Rick and Morty have been to; perhaps another Rick and Morty could have caused chaos on the planet.

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