Riot removed certain elements of League due to concerns about the game’s diversity

Riot explains that certain elements were removed from the game’s eleventh season because they were too similar to others, too situational, or overpowered.

Riot League of Legends The team has published a blog post outlining their reasoning for removing and reusing some items in the 11th season. While removing certain overpowered or underpowered items is not an uncommon practice in the world of competitive online gaming, it has always been up to the developers if they decide to guide players through their decision-making process. With games like League of Legends, which now has a massive player base of around 115 million, the act of keeping the game balanced can understandably become quite difficult. During this particular preseason, Riot had a lot of work to do.

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Fortunately, balancing League it usually comes down to adjusting certain items. In other games, like Call of Duty: War Zone, these changes often need to be addressed and corrected immediately because they involve real glitches in the game. For example, War zone Players recently saw the removal of the Armored Royale game mode entirely after players found a way to make their characters invisible while using Cargo Trucks. Because these vehicles are an integral part of the Armored Royale mode, they could not be completely removed, so Armored Royale has been removed from the rotation until the glitch is fixed.

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According to League of Legends, the elements removed from the game for season 11 were removed because they go against his principles of how the game should work. For example, the Statikk Shiv, which gave players additional critical strike chance, attack speed, and movement speed, was too similar to Runaan’s Hurricane. Other items, such as Rod of Ages and Hextech Gunblade, were deemed too “required” for certain champions and useless for others.

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The Riot team also specified that it tries not to remove items that players like, so they don’t draw the ire of its massively engaged player base, but that it is sometimes the best option. Once again, in the case of Rod of Ages, the team found that when they tried to balance it, the element ended up being irrelevant for too long, violating “two of the principles for the mythical elements that we were looking for: satisfaction and choice. “Other items not returning for Season 11 include Frozen Mallet, Spellbinder, Twin Shadows, Jaurim’s Fist, and a handful of others. Other items, such as Ice Gauntlet, Trinity Force, and Righteous Glory, have been repurposed, renamed or they have become mythical elements.

The post also briefly discusses other questions the team has received, such as whether the ladder system will be more transparent and what goals Riot has for individual roles during the game. Regarding the former, the lead competitive gameplay designer wrote that the game’s matchmaking system continues to work as intended and that players should not allow losses to make them feel like they are getting worse. Recently, League of Legends The designers have focused more on reducing toxicity in the game.

In regards to team goals for individual roles, the senior game designer explained that the team is constantly trying to find ways for all champions to feel equally useful throughout the game. Where this has proven difficult is when players in roles like Support end up facing a Midlaner, which is generally a poor position for Support. However, the team continues to look for ways to adjust the game so that any player can shape the outcome of the match. The recent removal of certain items is just another step to make it more achievable.

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