RuPaul’s Drag Race recap: Elliott with 2 Ts and LaLa Ri face off in lip sync

On this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the library is open and a beloved queen is sent home in shocking lip sync. Also, improvisation!

It’s time for another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13! Last week, fan favorite Tamisha Iman went home and this week another beloved queen is asked to leave.

RuPaul walks into the Werk room and declares that the library is open! The queens really kill this mini-challenge with Gottmik clearly winning. Gottmik says “Kandy Muse … it’s amazing how we represent such different communities here. Gay, trans … pug.” It makes RuPaul laugh out loud. The other great reading of the night comes from Symone, who tells Tina Burner: “How much Tina have you really burned, bitch?” This season is made up of an incredibly talented cast and they really shine in the main stage challenge.

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For the maxi-challenge, the dolls are doing an improv show! Bring out the BriGAYed vertical citizens! Ross Matthews returns for The Bossy Rossy Show we saw in season 10. Rosé, LaLa Ri and Denali are paired up. LaLa and Denali were in the bottom three for the last acting challenge, so they must Increase! Olivia Lux, Utica, and Gottmik are on a team, and Olivia plays a sneaky game to get the mim character she wants. Tina Burner calls Olivia “a diva” in the confessional. Tina is paired with Elliott with 2 Ts and she’s not happy about it!

Rosé and Denali prove that they are a great team once again. They do a fabulous job on the improv challenge. LaLa Ri comes out strong but drops some of the balloons Ross sent her. Gottmik and Olivia Lux absolutely kill and then Utica shows up and literally does the opposite of an improv pro (which is an oxymoron because no one gets paid to improv, but she said she had a lot of experience). Utica is in trouble. Symone and Kandy Muse kill him together. Tina Burner is loud and makes big decisions, which is sometimes all it takes in an improv challenge. Elliott can’t keep up, but he’s not as bad as Tina thought he was going to be.

The catwalk category is … Bead It! Denali looks sick! She serves a full Phantom of the opera chandelier clue. LaLa Ri is giving a nod to Mardi Gras, but unfortunately for her two of the other queens have the same idea. After seeing Tina Burner and Elliott with 2 Ts also walking with Mardi Gras beads, the gimmick starts to feel like Old Orleans and we want NEW Orleans. Gottmik serves up an anal bead lewk that is hysterical. Latrice Royale has already done it, but it’s still a total slaughter. Kandy Muse’s outfit is something of a hodgepodge. It looks very beautiful, but a lot is happening with the fur and the silhouette. The judges love it, but we think he should have edited that skin on the suitcase. Olivia Lux gets lost for the first time on the catwalk. He is very cute, but very simple compared to the rest of the cast. Plus, she’s wearing the same wig that Kandy wore a couple of weeks ago and it’s too memorable to wear so soon. Symone looks amazing as usual. She is serving up the Glamazon extravaganza with her name on her hair beads! Rosé serves one of her best runways of the season. It is very creative and the colors are beautiful. Tina Burner’s outfit is once again a bit more clown than trendy.

The first three of the week are Olivia Lux, Symone and Kandy Muse. The last three are LaLa Ri, Elliott with 2 Ts, and Utica. Olivia Lux is declared the winner. Olivia is so talented, so charming, and so funny, but it has to be said, Gottmik didn’t get enough credit for making Olivia’s performance work this week. Olivia was a lot of fun, but Gottmik was the one who really provided the punch. Without Gottmik’s comedic rhythm, Olivia’s performance wouldn’t have worked. Symone should have won this week’s challenge.

Utica’s lust saves her from the bottom. That means Elliott with 2 Ts and LaLa Ri have to lip sync to each other, which we guessed at in our predictions article. This seems like a very obvious win for LaLa, but then we learn in No sucking that LaLa Ri feels very defeated by the judge’s criticism and Elliott serves up a spectacular lip sync. LaLa is asked to walk away. Nine queens remain.

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