Some ‘WandaVision’ fan theories are incredibly accurate taunts of Paul Bettany

WandaVision star Paul bettany says that some of the fan theories are “incredibly accurate”. The series, which just premiered its sixth episode, continues its slow-burning mystery. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been sharing theories as they await a new episode each week, and some have already been proven to be true. Having said that, it is unclear if anyone has really figured out exactly what is going on right now and how it will all come to an end in a few weeks.

In a new interview, Paul Bettany expressed his admiration for the hardcore MCU fans. Bettany has been involved with the franchise for quite some time, and Vision is a fan-favorite character. While some MCU fan theories over the years have proven to be insane, or simply not close to the truth, it appears that some fans have come quite close to solving the mysteries of WandaVision. Bettany explains.

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“I love that it spreads to the fans … And I love how frustrated they are that they can’t see it all at once. I love reading their theories about what could happen. And some of them are incredibly accurate, actually. I keep thinking, ‘Marvel should give that person a job.’

Many MCU fans, like some Star Wars fans, they’re still upset that Disney + and Marvel Studios didn’t just release all WandaVision all at once, like Netflix’s launch strategy. While some are upset that they have to wait, there are more than a few who enjoy having something to look forward to as they discuss the previous episode over the course of a week. Paul Bettany added: “It’s been a lot of fun watching you guys go through this. I mean, I know you’ve been waiting a long time.

Paul Bettany was asked if he and the rest of the WandaVision The cast knew what was going to happen from the beginning. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige revealed what would happen when the actors signed. “Kevin Feige’s speech was very abstract and much more about feelings and [what the] big, big ideas [were] about … and, indeed, sitcoms, “says Bettany.” But yes, from the beginning I understood where it was. He knew where he was going. And it was always exciting. ”Bettany didn’t reveal what part of the story they told him and the rest of the cast, but it seems like they at least had the basic outline.

As for MCU fans who watch WandaVision Once a week, Paul Bettany compares it to Christmas Day. “It feels like Christmas Day every Friday. You can see people’s reactions and stuff, you know, the reactions of real people. I don’t read reviews. But it’s lovely to see the reactions of fans,” says the actor. As for whether or not Vision has a future in the MCU, that’s unclear, though Bettany thought with certainty that he had already been fired, so anything is possible right now. The interview with Paul Bettany was originally conducted by the official Marvel website.

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