Sonic Prime: 10 characters that we must see in the Netflix series of Sonic the Hedgehog

It’s been a few years since the last SEGA-based animated series Sonic the Hedgehog ended with 2017 Sonic boom. This was more of a comic take on the Sonic characters than fans had been exposed to previously. Now, Netflix has officially revealed Sonic prime, a new 24-episode CG 3D series developed by Wildbrain Vancouver, and it sounds a lot more serious.

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Sonic prime It’s supposed to be about taking Sonic to new worlds and dimensions, similar to what happened in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie or Sonic forces videogame. As such, there are many characters that could appear in all areas of the fandom, as Sonic has met many colorful personalities that just need to be included in Sonic prime.

10 Sally Acorn and the Freedom Fighters

Sally acorn

Easily the most beloved of all Sonic cartoon adventures is 1993, titled simply Sonic the Hedgehog, known as “SatAM” to fans (just because it was broadcast on Saturday mornings). In it, Doctor Robotnik is a despotic ruler, who has enslaved the planet Mobius and has transformed most of its inhabitants into robots.

Sonic and Tails are part of the Freedom Fighters, led by Princess Sally Acorn, daughter of the rightful ruler of Mobius, who is fighting to end the Robotnik government. The world’s darkest version of Sonic resonates with fans even today, and was the basis for Sonic’s beloved long-running comic series, so it would be great to see at least Sally Acorn return in Sonic prime.

9 Hyper Metal Sonic / Neo Metal Sonic

sonic hyper neo metal

Although Robotnik / Eggman has always been the central villain of Sonic the HedgehogThe least used (but most intimidating) recurring villain is Metal Sonic. Often times, Metal Sonic is only used to challenge Sonic to an exciting career in games like Sonic CD, Sonic ManiaY Sonic forces, but occasionally he is allowed to escape and become a great threat.

Hyper Metal Sonic was the deadly antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog anime movie, but more interesting would be the redesigned Neo Metal Sonic (and Metal Overlord) from Sonic Heroes – Who would be a suitable opponent for Sonic prime.

8 Scratch and grounder

scratch and grounder sonic prime

The original 1993 Sonic animated series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, It is highly ridiculed by fans and cartoon lovers alike, but it doubled the number of episodes of the more beloved successor “SatAM.”

The show’s most memorable characters are the goofy badnik duo Scratch and Grounder, who regularly tried to capture Sonic and Tails, always failing miserably, often to comic effect. While Adventure not fondly remembered, a better version of Scratch and Grounder in Sonic prime it would help raise your status considerably.

7 Tikal the Echidna

tikal sonic prime

If there is one area of ​​Sonic mythology that needs to be explored in more detail, it is the people of Knuckles. The Echidna clan of Angel Island, the guardians of the Master Emerald, who died before Knuckles was born and left him alone on the floating island.

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Sonic adventure reveals some of the backstory of the Knuckles Tribe, including how Tikal and his father argued over their desire to bring destruction with the creature of Chaos. Sonic prime I could extract this backstory, and even have Sonic and Knuckles time travel if the show wanted to, with Tikal as the emotional center.

6 Sonia and Manic The Hedgehogs

sonic prime sonia and maniac

Probably the least known Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, Sonic underground was DiC Animation’s third Sonic cartoon and aired in 1999. While it was the first cartoon to feature Knuckles and shared many ideas with “SatAM,” it was particularly criticized for removing Tails in favor of Sonic’s brother and sister. , Sonia and Manic.

It was particularly bad because Sonic actor Jaleel White was forced to play all three brothers, which didn’t really work out for the female Sonia. Sonic prime He could finally do these characters justice, and maybe rephrase them while he’s at it.

5 Blaze the cat

sonic cat on fire

If Sonic embarks on dimension-jumping adventures in Sonic prime, then it would be the perfect time to explore the origins of one of his most popular but lesser known allies, Blaze the Cat. Blaze is from an alternate dimension, the same as psychic Silver the Hedgehog, and is the guardian of the Emeralds of his universe.

It has powers similar to Sonic’s, but it also has the ability to create fire, hence its name. There really hasn’t been an exploration of the dimension of Blaze’s home outside of the much-maligned 2006. Sonic the Hedgehog game, making it fertile territory for principal to mine.

4 Princess elise

princess elise sonic prime

Princess Elise is a human, the peaceful ruler of the city of Soleanna, and possibly the most controversial character to ever come out of a Sonic the Hedgehog video game. 2006 heavily criticized Sonic the Hedgehog gets hate for the game’s rushed and unfinished feel, but players also scoff at the forced romantic relationship established between Sonic and the very human Elise.

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Engaging Elise in Sonic prime, it would give the character a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the fans. It would also give the writers a chance to expand their character and deepen their connection to Sonic, Silver the Hedgehog, and even Blaze the Cat.

3 The Werehog

main characters sonic werehog

While Sonic unleashed is a good Sonic 3D game mostly, it was criticized for transforming Sonic into a giant wolf creature for half of his playtime, thereby becoming a beat-em-up rather than a platformer fast paced.

While fans are in no rush to play Werehog again, there are plenty of unanswered story questions about the creature that a TV series likes. Sonic prime I would be well placed to answer. After all, it is possible that other hedgehogs in other dimensions are affected by Werehog disease.

two Chris Thorndyke

sonic chris thorndyke main characters x

If Sonic is going to travel to other dimensions in Sonic prime, fans will undoubtedly be hopeful that the show will use this excuse to revisit other Sonic cartoons. If this happens, a return to the excellent Sonic x The series should be first on the charts, and with it catch up with the show’s human protagonist, Christopher Thorndyke.

Chris is energetic and hungry for the adventures Sonic brings, but he had a tragic outing. At the end of Sonic x series, Chris was forced to stop seeing Sonic and his friends so he could go home, so Sonic prime could finally bring closure to your story.

1 Infinite

sonic primary infinite forces

The main villain of the most recent Sonic game, 2017 Sonic forces, is a jackal with the powers of the magical Phantom Ruby. Since the Phantom Ruby is a powerful gem that allows interdimensional travel, it could be at the center of Sonic primesince that’s the concept of the show, and Infinite would be perfect for us as the main series antagonist.

Also, Infinite remains a mystery. Aside from being the ambitious former head of the mercenary group Jackal Squad, not much is known about him. Also, it makes a sudden disappearance at the end of Sonic forces so it would be nice if the show explored what happened to him.

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