Sonic the Hedgehog’s weirdest moves that defy all logic

In addition to being able to run and spin at super fast speeds, Sonic the Hedgehog in the discontinued Archie Comics series performed some strange maneuvers.

Sonic the Hedgehog It really sped up once Archie Comics took over publishing his comics, giving him the green light to go over the top of cartoons and light. Sonic the Hedgehog Adventures Television show in substance and creativity to usher in a Sonic era for more mature audiences. But the publisher managed to salvage some of the nonsense that many had come to expect (sometimes reluctantly) before the series was finally discontinued. After all, Sonic is a teenager, and like most teens, he’s expected to do and say something embarrassing, at least a few times a day. And Archie Comics pleased him.

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Hands down the most entertaining of these quirks includes Sonic’s repertoire of unique moves that just shouldn’t happen, not just because they’re silly and just plain ridiculous, like so many of them, but because they shouldn’t be physically possible to perform successfully. . Of course, there is no such thing as a blue talking anthropomorphic hedgehog that can run at incredibly high speeds and turn into a rapidly spinning ball that can go through almost anything, but that’s neither here nor there. These are some of Sonic’s moves that defy all logic.

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Figure Eight Super Peel-Out

Sonic has to compete against Mecha Sonic in one of Dr. Robotnik’s booby-trapped areas to save Tails the Fox and Amy the Hedgehog at number 25. The race is neck and neck until Sonic unleashes a technique that is referred to as the Figure Eight Super Peel-Out. As the name suggests, the technique involves a figure eight, a shape that he somehow emulates by the way he moves his legs when he runs. While manipulating the legs in that way is impossible, the combination of their trajectory with the way they interact with the ground somehow provides enough kinetic energy for Sonic to run faster.

Running in the air

Sonic is on the run in number 49, running from his own people who have imprisoned him for a crime he did not commit. Although he successfully evades capture, doing so requires him to jump off the edge of a tall cliff. Unfortunately, Tails isn’t very close to the falling hedgehog to catch him, so Sonic has to improvise. He first pushes some sand that he happens to keep in his shoe and then proceeds to run over the flying substance while it is in the air, as if the sand were a stable, physical bridge.

Numbing Karate Chops


In issue # 70, Sonic and the so-called Secret Service embark on a mission to recapture fugitive criminals who have escaped from jail and captured one of their friends. Among the fugitives is the muscular, ax-wielding lion known as Kodos, who is about to decapitate his prisoner before Sonic arrives. To take him down, Sonic runs around the lion and hits his legs multiple times in different places, creating a numbing effect on Kodos’s legs that causes him to fall.

Vibrating its molecules


In issue # 71, Sonic is unable to interact with anything in his home, Knothole Village, due to a combination of events that puts Knothole three hours in the future and Dr. Eggman’s latest attack forcing the village to resume its place. normal in time. . Unfortunately, this phenomenon makes it impossible for Sonic to access the secret entrance to the village in order to get out and save the day (the effect will blow up the planet). So you use super speed to vibrate the molecules in your body that make it a non-solid so it can pass. Perform the technique again on number 119 to slide through the outer shell of a huge robot named Cater-Killer who is heading quickly home.

Making fire with his feet


During an attack on Dr. Eggman’s Robotropolis, Dr. Eggman unleashes his Shadow Bots on Sonic and his friends. Between his usual attacks, Sonic the Hedgehog He comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​running around a group of them to generate heat. Knowing that metal she drives heat, it’s only a matter of time until this combination creates a fire that heats the soles of your robotic boots enough that they melt onto the tar and trap them. Okay, maybe the theory makes sense. But it’s still a bit out there.

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